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Jewelry sets

Jewelry sets from fejn are the perfect addition to your unique style. Our chic sets in gold, silver or rose emphasize your look in a double pack and ensure incomparable harmony. They also impress with their timeless design, sustainable production and absolute quality. From sparkling earring duos to the combination of a delicate bracelet with a minimalist necklace: our radiant jewelry sets give your urban look that extra special something!

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On sale Ornamentkette und Perlenkette im SetPerlenkette
ornament & pearl set Sale priceFrom €119,00 Regular price€128,00
On sale Set aus zwei Creolen in Größe S und M gold fejnSet aus zwei Creolen in Größe S und M gold
simple hoop set Sale priceFrom €49,00 Regular price€53,00
On sale Kette mit kleiner und großer Süsswasserperle von fejnKette mit kleiner und großer Süsswasserperle silber von fejn
Big & single pearl set Sale priceFrom €119,00 Regular price€128,00
On sale gedrehte Creolen von fejngedrehte Creolen in silber
tiny twisted hoop set Sale priceFrom €59,00 Regular price€63,00
On sale Triple Ball et aus Halskette und Armband mit KugelnHalskette mit drei Kugeln
triple ball set Sale priceFrom €89,00 Regular price€98,00
Save 5% Solid Gold Diamanthalskette + Diamantohrstecker aus 14k Ecjhtgold als SetDiamant-Ohrstecker aus 14k Echtgold
tiny diamond set Sale price€499,00 Regular price€528,00
On sale shiny disc schmuckset goldSchmuckset Creolen mit flachen rundem Plättchen
shiny disc set Sale priceFrom €89,00 Regular price€99,00

Jewellery sets from fejn – style in a double pack

We love Jewelry sets! Because why should we only wear one piece of jewelry when there can be two pieces that harmonize perfectly? With us you will find a small but very fine selection of jewelry ensembles that skilfully combine various favorite pieces with each other. This not only underlines your look once, but twice as much. The extra boost for your strong and individual style! And the best? All our Jewelry sets are made from environmentally friendly materials such as recycled precious metals and sustainable freshwater pearls and produced under fair conditions. So they are exactly the right accessory for urban heroines who not only want to spice up their look, but also want to make a brilliant statement about environmental awareness and social responsibility. Sounds good? Then take a look at our selected Jewelry sets. They are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd with their timeless design and incomparable quality!

Jewelry sets: Ladies, it's that easy!

Jewelry sets are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to showcase their individual style with a very special touch of harmony and strength. And styling can also be done in no time with the shiny duos: instead of having to laboriously put individual pieces together, with jewelry sets (gold or silver) you get a perfectly coordinated ensemble that is quite impressive!

This saves you time and allows you to fully concentrate on wearing your jewelry. You just have to decide in advance which timelessly beautiful combination you will choose: if you particularly like wearing chains, you should definitely do that ornament & pearl set – the perfect pearl and gold arrangement for your neck! Are you more into earrings? Then the simple hoop set is a great choice with its different sized hoop earrings. And anyone who likes to combine neck and arm jewelry will love this triple ball set.

Real craft: your sustainable jewelry set

In addition to stylish design, environmental awareness and social responsibility are top priorities at fejn. That's why all of our jewelry is made from sustainable materials: We rely on recycled precious metals, freshwater pearls from organic farming, diamonds from the laboratory and strictly tested semi-precious stones. In this way, we conserve valuable resources and minimize our environmental impact. Sustainability at its best! We also value fair and ethical working conditions in our Production facilities in Thailand.Thai manufacture.

And that's not all! If you ever break a piece of jewelry, we even offer an in-house repair service. With this special service, we do our best to make damaged favorite pieces shine again in new splendor. If that doesn't work despite our best efforts, we melt them down and create new favorite pieces out of them. Pure magic! Because if there's one thing we don't like, it's an unnecessary waste of resources. So: stop it!

Jewelry set: silver, gold or rosé?

Your new Jewelry set: Silver, rose or would you prefer gold? At fejn you will find beautiful combinations in all three versions. Each color offers a unique opportunity to accentuate your personal style. Gold gives your look a rich shine and timeless elegance. It is perfect for glamorous evenings or a stylish statement in everyday life and can be combined especially with warm tones such as red, orange and brown. Silver, on the other hand, exudes timeless sophistication. It goes perfectly with a clean, minimalist style and sets a chic accent, especially with cooler colors such as gray and green. You can give your outfit a subtly romantic and feminine touch with rose gold. The beautiful tone goes particularly well with more neutral and soft colors such as beige or pastel.

Do you like wearing black, white or navy blue? Good for you! Because silver, gold and rosé harmonize equally with these colors. In the end, of course, the following simply applies: whatever you like is right! So get creative with our jewelry combinations to skilfully perfect your very individual chic - without having to stick to any color rules. You're the boss!

The perfect combination for every outfit and style

A consciously put together jewelry set (women's, silver or gold) is ideal for harmoniously rounding off your individual style. For a casual look, we recommend for example our big & simple pearl set or that ornament & pearl set. Both can be ideally combined with a loose shirt, colorful shirt or airy dress and, thanks to the delicate gold and pearl combination, create summery vibes. If you want to add a touch of elegance to your outfit, a necklace and bracelet set goes perfectly with a chic dress or a simple wardrobe of one or two colors. Here your choice could be on this triple ball set or that shiny disc set. Two earrings in different sizes are ideal for rounding off updos or short hairstyles with a playful and creative touch. For example, how do you like the tiny twisted hoop set or that simple hoop set? Is your outfit already eye-catching and you just want a minimalist, elegant accent? The tiny diamond set made of high-quality solid gold makes it possible!

Buy jewelry sets online at fejn jewelry

With our clean combinations in gold, silver and rose gold, fejn offers glamorous jewelry sets for every taste, every occasion and every look. And thanks to our sustainable and social production, they not only look great, you can also wear them with a particularly good conscience and positive feeling. So let's go: let yourself be enchanted by our filigree double matches and find your perfect jewelry set!