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Our size charts will help you when buying jewellery. Inform now!

Sizing Guide - Which ring size is right for me?

Here we will show you different ways to determine the right ring size.

1. With a matching ring

With a suitable ring you can easily measure the inner diameter. Simply place a well-fitting ring on a ruler or tape measure and read the inside diameter in millimeters.

Or place the ring on our ring sizer, which you can download for printing here:

2. With a piece of paper

You can measure the circumference of your desired finger with a piece of paper. To do this, simply place a strip of paper around your finger where the ring should sit. Pull it nice and tight so it fits well. Then use a pen to mark the point where the strip overlaps. Now simply measure the strip of paper up to the marking point and you have determined the circumference of your finger. You can then read your ring size from this: for example, if you measured 54mm, that corresponds to ring size 54 (M).

Ring size table – these sizes are available for finger jewelry

Put a ring on it! Choosing the right ring size can be particularly important in some situations - for example, if you want to ask your loved one the question of all questions. Ring size tables serve as the basis for finding the right ring size. Regardless of whether rings are made of silver, rose gold or gold – in Germany ring sizes are determined based on the circumference of the ring. But on an international level it looks different: letters, numbers, or decimals? We reveal how you can choose the right ring size using ring size tables, how the international ring size table differs from the one used in Germany and which ring sizes are most common.
By the way: Did you know that at fejn we are happy to enlarge or reduce your rings by 1-2 sizes upon request for a fee? Simply contact us if necessary.

Determine ring size? Use the table!

The ring size table forms the basis for every ring size determination. It usually contains the ring diameters in mm and the different ring sizes. This means ring fans can see at a glance which ring diameter corresponds to which size in the table. This makes the shopping experience easier. By standardizing the size information, urban heroines who know their ring size can also search for rings online to their heart's content. This ensures that the ring is guaranteed to arrive in the correct size.
At fejn we also use a ring size table . This not only includes the sizes common in the EU, but also offers an overview of international ring sizes. We normally offer our feminine finger jewelry in sizes XXS to XXL. A look at our ring size table reveals: In the EU, a small ring of size L, for example, corresponds to ring size 57. This means that jewelry-loving nomads can always keep an overview in our online shop.

The differences per country:

International ring size chart

But be careful: not all ring size tables are the same! The sizes and measurement units used differ significantly per country. So that you can keep track of the ring size table confusion, we have highlighted the most important differences and explanations for understanding the ring size tables in different countries:

Ring sizes in Germany and the EU

In Germany and most of the European Union, the ring circumference forms the basis for determining the appropriate ring size. Ring size 52 corresponds to a finger circumference of 52 mm. In this country, women's rings are most often bought in size 54. Rings with a size between 48 and 56 fit on more than 80% of women's hands in Germany.

Ring sizes in the USA

Things are different in the USA: the ring sizes used there follow a scale of numbers and decimal numbers, which typically ranges from ring size 3 to 13.5 (for adults). Women's rings are usually found between sizes 3 and 9, while men's rings are usually sizes 8 and 14.

Ring sizes in UK

When it comes to the ring size table , the British leave the world of whole numbers behind completely: In England, ring sizes are divided alphabetically - from A to Z. The letters stand for the ring diameter. For example, size N rings correspond to a ring diameter of 17.2 mm. Converted to the finger circumference - i.e. multiplied by the circle number Pi (3.14) - the British ring size N corresponds to the EU ring size 54 ½ .

Ring sizes in Japan

In case you fall in love with a ring from the Land of the Rising Sun online one day, but have no idea which size is right for you: We've got you covered! In Japan, ring sizes are defined by whole numbers, usually accompanied by one decimal place, for example 12.6. But if you think that the Japanese use the diameter of the ring to determine size, you will be very disappointed when buying a ring. The number has nothing to do with the diameter of the piece of jewelry: the Japanese ring size 12.6 corresponds to the EU ring size 53.

Alternative methods for determining ring size

You have no idea which ring size is right for you? Would you like to give a ring gift to a loved one, but are unsure about the size? Don't panic, because the ring size can be determined very easily! Simply grab a ring that fits the person you want to give the gift to. You can now determine the correct ring size based on the diameter. We tell you in our blog article about determining ring size .

Don't have a ring on hand? That is also no problem! Even without a well-fitting piece of finger jewelry as a reference object. In our blog post about measuring the ring size without a ring, we give the appropriate tips. We also explain how to secretly measure other people's ring sizes. This is particularly helpful if you want to ask your loved one the question of all questions or if you want to make your best friend, mom or sister happy with a ring surprise.