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Creolen aus Echtgold

Solid gold hoop earrings

Whether small and subtle, large and eye-catching or extravagant: we love hoop earrings. Solid gold is an absolute eye-catcher! The high-quality material ensures durability and unbeatable shine. Our sustainably manufactured hoop earrings made of solid gold also impress with their clean designs and timeless elegance. They can be used in a variety of ways and are a true all-rounder for every style and occasion. A wonderful accessory for urban heroines!

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Solid Gold simple hoops | solid gold - XS / S / Mschlichte Creolen recyceltes 14k Echtgold roségold
Solid Gold mini creolen echtgold glänzend roségoldmini creolen echtgold glänzend fejn
shiny mini hoops | solid gold Sale priceFrom €89,00
Solid Gold mini creolen recyceltes echtgoldmini creolen echtgold
satin mini hoops | solid gold Sale priceFrom €89,00
Solid Gold gedrehte Creolen-Ohrstecker aus EchtgoldCreolen-Ohrstecker gedreht Echtgold
tiny twisted hoops | solid gold Sale priceFrom €149,00
Solid Gold kleine creolen gold diamantfunkelnde diamant creolen gold
diamond huggie | solid gold Sale priceFrom €329,00
Solid Gold kleine huggie Creolen 14k Echtgold glänzendkleine huggie Creolen 14k Echtgold glänzend
shiny huggie | solid gold Sale priceFrom €249,00
Solid Gold creolen anhänger gold diamantcreolen anhänger gold diamant fejn
diamond hoop charms | solid gold Sale priceFrom €149,00
Solid Gold Creolenanhänger drei Diamanten EchtgoldCreolenanhänger drei Diamanten Echtgold
Solid Gold Kegelform Anhänger für Creolen EchtgoldCreolen Anhänger in Kegelform 14k Echtgold
spike hoop charms | solid gold Sale priceFrom €149,00

Hoop earrings: real gold from fejn jewelry – timelessly beautiful chic

From everyday outfit to business dress: solid gold hoop earrings give every look that very special something. But Creole is not just Creole! Plus, everyone's taste is different. That's why we at fejn have a particularly diverse selection of coveted pieces: the designs range from simple to extravagant. So every urban heroine will find exactly the right thing for her own personal chic. You can also choose between rich yellow gold and delicate rose gold when it comes to the color. And the material? 100 percent recycled and therefore sustainable through and through. This applies to both our shiny solid gold pieces and our coated with gold earrings. Solid gold at it's best, that's all we say! On top of that, all pieces at fejn are lovingly and professionally handcrafted: so we can promise you not only particularly high quality, but also uniqueness that comes from the heart.

Real gold: hoop earrings for every taste

Fancy some hoop earrings? Real, gold, big and eye-catching? No problem! Because we not only have subtle models for you in our repertoire, but also pieces with a particularly eye-catching design. If you like things more playful, you should definitely check out the tiny twisted hoop view.

But even those who prefer something simple and unfussy will find what they are looking for here. simple hoop is particularly clean, the shiny huggies a little wider. The cool thing about it: You can choose from different sizes and thus find exactly the model that best suits your individual taste! Or are you looking for particularly small hoop earrings? Our mini hoop earrings are real, gold and really discreet. For example, the shiny mini hoop or the satin mini hoop.

Hoop earrings: 585 gold for pure shine on your ear

We love shiny hoop earrings: 14 carat gold makes this possible in our solid gold models. The high-quality pieces are robust and last a lifetime. Due to their incomparable value, the pieces of jewelry are particularly suitable for chic and special occasions: The simple hoop and the tiny twisted hoop impress exclusively with their shiny gold. It gets even more sparkling with the diamond-studded diamond huggie. In addition to the solid gold pieces, fejn also offers high-quality models with an 18-carat coating. Even this cheaper version is always an eye-catcher. It goes down just as well in a casual everyday dress as it does with a hip outfit for the next bar evening.

Whether solid gold or with a coating: you can be sure that you are making a sustainable decision with both options. All of our solid gold hoop earrings are made from recycled material. This means we don’t waste any unnecessary resources and keep our ecological footprint as low as possible.

Individual hoop earrings: real gold as a pendant

You want to spice up your solid gold creole a little and make it even more individual? We have some timelessly beautiful pendants for just this purpose. You can easily thread the filigree charms onto your piece of jewelry. With the triple diamond hoop charms or the spike hoop charms you can create eye-catching hoop earrings with a pendant: gold (585) is used here in its purest form. These 14-carat solid gold pieces are truly impressive! This makes for a particularly cool eye-catcher and conjures up individuality at its best!

Hoop earrings: real, gold and sustainable

Cheers to sustainable Hoop earrings: solid gold in recycled form makes it possible! All our models are made from reused metals. In this way we protect valuable resources and our environment. But it doesn't stop there: If a favorite piece is damaged, our repair service will give it a new shine. If that doesn't work, we melt the pieces down again and create a new, stylish piece of jewelry from them. This is how circular economy works par excellence!

However, our sustainable efforts go even further: all the pearls we use for our jewelry come from ecologically certified freshwater farming. Diamonds used at fejn come exclusively from laboratory. Because of all these and many other efforts, we are even certified from Responsible Jewelery Council. With our Solid gold hoop earrings you not only have a wonderful sparkle on your ear, but also a clear statement for sustainable and conscious consumption. That's the spirit!

Hoop earrings: solid gold for your ears – shop now at fejn

Looking for solid gold hoop earrings? At fejn you will find what you are looking for! In our online shop we offer you a great selection of diverse designs. This way you can find exactly the right piece for your individual taste. Many of the Solid gold hoop earrings are also available in different sizes. Thanks to the size chart on the respective product pages, you can see exactly what it should be for you. And if you make a mistake, no problem! With us you can have your purchase refunded for 30 days. So what are you waiting for? Browse through our Online shop and find your new favorite piece!