simple hoop - XS / S / M / L simple hoop - XS / S / M / L

simple hoop - XS / S / M / L

From €19,00
satin flat hoop - M / L satin flat hoop - M / L

satin flat hoop - M / L

From €29,00
gemstone hoops gemstone hoops

gemstone hoops

From €39,00
twisted hoop - XS / M Creole twisted hoop - gedreht aus Silber vergoldet

twisted hoop - XS / M

From €34,00
bold hoops - S / M bold hoops - S / M

bold hoops - S / M

From €34,00
mini hoops shiny mini hoops shiny

mini hoops shiny

From €19,00
twisted hoop - XS / M twisted hoop - XS / M

twisted hoop - XS / M

From €34,00
mini hoops satin mini hoops satin

mini hoops satin

From €19,00
Creole open hoop nachhaltig aus recyceltem Sterling Silber open hoops

open hoops

From €29,00
gemstone pendant gemstone pendant

gemstone pendant

From €12,50
Creole hexagon hoop 24K vergoldet Creole hexagon hoop aus recyceltem Sterling Silber

hexagon hoops

From €24,00
square hoop square hoop

square hoop

From €24,00
simple hoops | solid gold - XS / S / M simple hoops | solid gold - XS / S / M
Solid Gold
satin huggies satin huggies

satin huggies

From €34,00
chain pendant set chain pendant set

chain pendant set

From €9,50
ball huggies ball huggies

ball huggies

From €34,00

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Hoop earrings by fejn jewelry – clean earrings for a special look

Simple and incredibly elegant - the large and small hoop earrings from fejn jewelry give every outfit that certain something and ensure a look on point. Whether casual with an urban jeans outfit, particularly chic and elegant for a visit to your favorite Italian restaurant or a friend's wedding - hoop earrings made of silver, gold or in rose color are the essential for every city nomad. Creole is not just Creole. Whether round or hexagonal, small or large, simple or decorated: whatever you like and suits your style is allowed. Buy sustainable silver or gold hoop earrings easily online at fejn!

The right creole for the ear for every look

fejn hoop earrings can be chosen to perfectly match any style and outfit. Anyone who relies on meaningful make-up and combines it with shapely and colorful clothing can opt for mini hoops earrings and filigree models when choosing hoop earrings. The outfit and jewelry complement each other perfectly. Small hoops earrings are also a good choice for a look that already captivates with a statement necklace.

However, if the choice falls on a clean business look or the little black dress, more eye-catching hoops earrings tickle that little bit more. Large, high-quality creoles should not be missing here. The classic are large golden hoop earrings , like the ones we used to find in our mothers' jewelry boxes. But hoop earrings made of silver or rose gold also fit perfectly.

Our hoops earrings with charms provide that extra dose of wow. These eye-catching little pendants with pearls or chain elements dangle at the bottom of the filigree hoop earrings from fejn and are never overloaded or madamy.

Which style for my hoop earrings?

Single hoop earrings, a pair of creoles, rather bold or at least mini - not every creole style suits every jewelery heroine. And that's okay! At fejn, we therefore rely on a large selection of sustainable real jewelery so that everyone can find exactly the filigree earring that suits them. If you want to own real jewelry creoles, then fejn jewelry is a good decision. Once you've shopped for the hoops, they won't let you go so quickly. The high-quality, sustainable materials last and last and last - fejn jewelry 4ever. Which style goes well with which creole? We reveal it:

Single hoop earring

As the name suggests, the single hoop is worn on one side. The statement piece is not only suitable for the classic ear piercing, also called standard lobe. Especially if you have several pierced ears, a single hoop is a real eye-catcher. Combined with other earrings, small hoop earrings in the upper lobe, i.e. in the second or third ear hole next to the first, look incredibly exciting. A one-sided creole is also perfect for the helix ear hole on the upper edge of the ear. At fejn you always have the choice between a pair of hoops or a single one. Simply enter the correct number when ordering.

pair of hoop earrings

Old, but gold ... or silver or rosé: The pair of creoles is probably the most popular of the hoop earrings. A creole is worn on any standard ear piercing. It's that simple! This ensures a symmetrical and linear appearance. Depending on the Creole, this can be rather loud or quiet. Whether statement look or understatement style: This way of wearing goes with every outfit and look.

Bold or delicate

Regardless of their size, creoles with a particularly filigree design fit perfectly with reduced, clean looks or the Scandinavian style. Filigree hoop earrings are also perfect for everyday use: quickly put on in the morning, they are the ideal companion at work and with a glass of wine after work. Bold creoles, on the other hand, can be worn really well with straight business looks or special occasions. They just stand out more and get that little bit more out of every (flashy) dress or blazer.

Embellished hoop earrings

In addition to simple creoles, decorated large or small hoops complement our fejn range. Satin surfaces, pearl elements or a twisted look create a special design without being too playful. These models are classically suitable for the outfit in the evening. But we also love them with a plain turtleneck and closed hair.

Round or square hoop earrings

Are creoles always round? Not with fejn jewelry. Our clean hoop earrings are as different as the tastes and preferences of our customers. In addition to round hoops earrings, there are also diamond or hexagon-shaped ones. The unusual shapes are particularly suitable for bobs, pixies and other hairstyles with shorter hair and complement the geometric look, especially with straight hairstyles.

Buy golden hoops, rosé or silver creoles?

The classic among the hoop earrings are clearly the golden hoops earrings. And yes, this piece is really an all-rounder for your own jewelry collection. Our genuine jewelry creoles with sustainable 24 carat gold plating go particularly well with slightly tanned summer skin or darker skin types. Silver hoop earrings, on the other hand, are particularly good for cooler skin types. Of course, anything that pleases you and goes well with your outfit is allowed. If you can't decide between gold and silver jewelry, you don't have to. Bicolor is the answer! Nowadays, several spot colors can also be combined without the fashion police sounding the alarm. Extra tip: rose gold hoops earrings go perfectly with both lighter and darker skin types. Buying hoops is that easy!

Which hoop goes with my hairstyle?

Hoop earrings want to be seen! Therefore, the hairstyle also plays a role in deciding on the right hoops earrings. Longer hair can reveal the hoop earrings with a ponytail or bun. A side hairstyle works well for single hoop wearers. With short hairstyles, large hoop earrings can create a great effect. With medium-length cuts, such as a bob, the hair should ideally be a little longer than the creole.

Where do creoles come from?

What connects fashion heroines with sailors? Quite simply: the literal tendency to Creole. Creoles traditionally come from seafaring. Centuries ago, sailors wore hoop earrings with engraved initials. However, the occasion for wearing it was less joyful than today. The Creole could be used to identify sailors who died after a shipwreck. But despite the sad background, even then the sailors valued a beautiful creole in their personal style, which paved the way for fashionable creoles.