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twisted hoop - XS / M

Recycle Sign This jewelry piece is sustainably manufactured with recycled precious metals.
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Fejn Gründerin Dagmar Kraemer
Fejn founder Dagmar Kraemer

"We meet more than just minimum requirements - that is important to me as an entrepreneur!"

bohemian - chic - elaborated

Twisted Hoop earrings for your high-class look. Playful chic, easy to wear.

Did you know matching designs are available in our the precious collection.

Customer Reviews

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Größe M ist eine perfekt, schlicht, aber schön

k. T.
Das richtige Geschenk

Die Ohrringe sind wunderschön. Sehr fein, schlicht und trotzdem edel. Der Versand lief schnell und unkompliziert.
Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen!

Wunderschöne Ohrringe

Super schneller Versand und wunderschöne, alltagstaugliche Ohrringe, die qualitativ auch sehr gut sind, absolute Empfehlung!

Zarte Ohrringe

Kaufabwicklung und Versand ging schnell, trage die Ohrringe in XS seither fast jeden Tag. Sie sind schön schlicht und halten gut. Klare Empfehlung!

Madlen Trenkle
Schnelle Lieferung und sehr gutes Produkt

Die Lieferung der Ohrringe war sehr schnell und unkompliziert. Mit den Ohringen bin ich sehr zufrieden! Ich habe 2x die großen Ohringe und 1x das kleine Ohrring. Die Kombination finde ich sehr schön.
Preis und Leisung passen sehr gut überein. Ich kann das Produkt nur weiterempfehlen.

Twisted hoop earrings: twisted hoop by fejn – sophisticated earrings

Creoles: Twisted, simple, hexagon shaped - they are timeless classics - yet exciting. These wonderful varieties are delicately curved and thus a bit, shimmery and contenders to become new favorites. Of course, like all of our jewelry, our twisted creoles are made of recycled 925 sterling silver with an optional additional gold plating. You can wear them as a pair, or individually. Different sizes make for a hip combination of multiple creoles in different ear holes. We love this look!

Creoles: Simple or as a twisted hoop - timeless classics are absolutely trendy

Creoles have always been a sign of style consciousness. They have never completely disappeared from the fashion scene. Currently, however, they are experiencing a real trend. And you know: We at fejn jewelry love trends when they are actually not trends, but timelessly beautiful and forever enduring. That's why you can find many different versions of hoops in our store, twisted like our twisted hoops, classically simple like the Simple Hoops or graphically interpreted like our fashion pieces Hexagon Hoops. Some people add a special touch to their favorite pieces and use extra charms - like our Disc Hoop Charms - to make simple hoops that little bit more special.

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Twisted Hoop Earrings: Silver, it is!

There is hardly any ear jewelry that is more versatile than the twisted hoop. It suits every occasion, whether it's brunch with your best friend, a business meeting, a chic evening event or a visit to the club. Hoops, twisted or plain, just always go. And the color of the recycled precious metal can also be adapted to the respective outfit. Silver twisted hoops, for example, suit cooler skin types in particular. But they also look classy with a black turtleneck sweater and absolutely cool with a white shirt - just as you would expect from a true fashionista. Sneakers on and perfect is the trendy style mix.

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Twisted hoop earrings: classic gold or rosé?

The most famous classics are the golden hoops. Twisted, they look particularly classy and are wonderful for evening looks. Our twisted hoop earrings are refined with sustainable 24-carat gold plating and go especially well with lightly tanned summer skin or darker skin types. Not sure which color suits you? In rose gold, our twisted hoops are perfect for both lighter and darker skin tones. But if you can't quite decide between twisted hoops in silver, gold or even rose gold, go for bicolor! Combining several colors of jewelry is absolutely trendy. Since you can buy our twisted hoops in different sizes and colors, they can be wonderfully combined in a color mix.

Twisted hoop earrings - small or large?

While small twisted hoops make a rather sporty, noble and timeless impression, large hoops reveal - here comes someone with a real fashion sense. The small twisted hoops are especially suitable during the day and in a business context, or in the second or third ear hole. The larger versions are perfect for dinner or a party. They are more eye-catching, look more dramatic and give rather simple outfits another real style kick.

Creoles: twisted, simple, gold, silver - and with a long history

There are different versions and stages in its history of origin. The name of the Creole is said to come from the original people of the same name. Originally, hoops were worn by the Creoles. These lived mainly in the Caribbean and in parts of South America. At that time, creoles were a symbol of their cultural identity and were worn mainly by women to demonstrate their belonging to the creole culture. Even then, hoops were combined in different sizes. Whether there were also twisted hoops at that time? Unfortunately, this has not been handed down. Want to know more Creole facts? Historically, they were worn by slaves as a sign of recognition - and by sailors. The creole made it easier to identify sailors who had died.

Twisted Hoop Earrings: Twisted, sustainable and allergy-friendly

Our Twisted Hoops (silver or gold plated) are not only particularly high quality and sustainable. They are also nickel-free and suitable even if you are prone to allergies. Especially in sensitive areas, like the ears, itchy redness and swelling occur quickly. Especially if nickel is contained in the metal. Genuine silver and gold jewelry, is therefore not least for the skin the best choice. Our materials used are additionally free of lead and cadmium - and thus absolute skin-friendly.

In the product description of our creoles (twisted) you can read about the material used. The twisted hoops are made of fully recycled sterling silver. The gold plated twisted hoops are made of sterling silver and gold plated with 18K gold.

Take care of twisted hoop earrings

Your new twisted hoops need a bit more attention than their plain sisters. Because of the twisted design, you should not only wipe them with a soft cloth after wearing, but also briefly clean the grooves. This is where skin and dirt particles tend to collect, which can take away the beautiful shine of your hoops in the long run. Afterwards, twisted creoles will stay beautiful the longest if you store them in a small jewelry bag or, for example, a furoshiki, our beloved Japanese square cloth. Although, of course, creoles look gorgeous with sun-tanned skin in kaftans and bikinis: Sand, salt, chlorine and sunscreen are not a good idea if you want your timeless classics to stay beautiful for long. So be sure to take them off before (sun)bathing. They will thank you with decades of loyalty. Our jewelry is made with the utmost care - but if something should ever break, feel free to contact our repair service. We always do our utmost to ensure that your jewelry has a long and lasting life.