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Sustainable jewelry - minimalism with a clear conscience

Timeless real jewelry made from recycled precious metals and responsibly manufactured.
Made for you.
Only the sustainable jewelry shop from fejn is like that! We combine clean design with ecological-social production and a lot of passion.
Certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council RJC.
This results in handcrafted, sustainable pieces of jewelry for urban looks with a cosmopolitan spirit.
We are the jewelry online shop for city nomads, jewelry heroes and everyone who relies on strong design with a delicate finish.
Sustainable handmade jewelry : buy responsibly online at fejn.

RJC Certified Member Logo

Recognize sustainable jewellery:

We are a certified RJC member

The Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC) is the leading international body for ethically, socially and ecologically responsible jewelery production. fejn jewelry is a member of the Council and is therefore committed to the values ​​of the organization. For a fair tomorrow, the RJC relies on holistically sustainable value chains. This means that from material selection to the manufacturing process to supply chains and packaging choice, the question is always asked: “What is best for people and the environment?” Through our certification, we have made it clear to everyone what values ​​fejn drives. Transparent and honest.

Read our sustainability report here

What characterizes sustainable jewelry?

For more and more brands, sustainability is a buzzword, for us it is the maxim to which we align everything we do. Sustainable materials, fair production, environmentally friendly value chain. Our sustainable pieces of jewelery are not only beautiful, they contain real passion and are completely cruelty free. Admittedly, it is not always easy for customers to recognize where real sustainability gives way to mere marketing talk. We therefore rely on absolute transparency and tell our jewelry heroines everything they need to know. We do without vague formulations: no blah, no fuss, no bad vibes.

Recycled jewelry and laboratory diamonds: Sustainable materials across the board

Recycled precious metals

On the way to a sustainable piece of jewellery, there are many building blocks that lead to the best ecological and social result. The choice of material is particularly important for fejn. Unlike many labels, we rely on recycled gold and silver - then there is already enough of the finite raw material in the world. Responsible jewelry also relies on sustainable gemstones. Laboratory Grown Diamonds are a good alternative with the best quality. This is behind it:

We rely on genuine jewelery made from recycled silver and gold . The silver jewelry is made from fully recycled 925 silver. The silver either remains visible or is 18-carat gold-plated. Some favorite pieces are made of solid gold - recycled and 14 carat. We rely on recycled raw materials because conventional mining is increasingly being criticized. And rightly so! The funding is an absolute CO₂ guzzler. Support for child labor and permanent environmental damage are additional unpleasant consequences. Let's end this together - with sustainable, extraordinary jewelry, online at fejn.

Lab grown synthetic diamonds

Sparkling, sparkling, diamond jewellery. Precious stones crown some pieces of jewelry at fejn jewelry and are an absolute eye-catcher. They inspire young and old and are indispensable in women's jewelry. But beautiful as they are, the dark side of gem mining is present in many minds. "Blood diamonds" - this is how diamonds are referred to, the sale of which is related to war and armed conflicts. They finance the warlords in other countries, swinging dazzlingly on the earring of women. We don't want anything, really nothing to do with it.

Our gemstones, Laboratory Grown Diamonds , are grown in the laboratory. There are different procedures. We rely on the so-called CVD process (Chemical Vapor Deposition), which is particularly environmentally friendly. A complex steam process with carbon-rich gases quickly grows a new diamond from an existing diamond core. And best of all, the quality of cultured diamonds is just as good as that of conventional ones.

Hello Cologne! Visit us in the fejn store

Anyone who lives in Cologne or pays a visit to the cathedral city is always welcome in our store in beautiful Ehrenfeld. Here you can meet fejn founder Dagmar Krämer and her team at work and perhaps even experience live how a new collection is created in the holy fejn halls. Of course you can not only admire the jewelry pieces here, but also buy them. By the way: Our pieces of jewelery are lovingly packed from our Cologne studio and then sent on their way to our customers.

Beautiful and sustainable - timeless design is convincing

Our sustainability heart beats loud and pulsating, but never stands in the way of our high design standards. You can have it all – with fejn jewelry. Clean, pure, urban: That's fejn's jewellery. Whether filigree silver chain , decorated gold ring or earring with pearls, our jewelery becomes a favorite piece. Through the use of precious metals, it accompanies you, with the right care, for a lifetime and thus declares war on the throwaway society. Minimalist, sustainable genuine jewelry made from recycled materials: that is our jewelry motto.

The sophisticated, the delicate, the urban: Our collections have names that already reveal what you can expect from the sustainable pieces of jewellery. The individual is our collection of personalized jewelery pieces that are perfect as gifts. Behind the glamorous is our Solid Gold collection. This is where high-quality solid gold meets sustainable diamonds, ornaments and other puristic styles. The the wedding collection contains fejn pieces for the special day - whether as a bride or a guest. Discover our collections and find jewelry that suits you!

Sustainable jewelry - produced in Thailand

Designed in the studio in Cologne, our shiny individual pieces are made in Thailand with a lot of love and absolute know-how - in a sustainable and fair way. Jewelry production has a particularly long tradition in Thailand, which is reflected in the high quality of the workmanship of the accessories. Of course, when choosing a partner, we also focus on sustainability. The manufacturers also work sustainably and thus stand for ethical, social and environmentally friendly production. fejn founder Dagmar Krämer convinces herself of the local conditions during regular visits. When transporting the sustainable jewelry to Germany , the focus is on climate neutrality. You can easily buy every sustainable individual piece in our online jewelry shop!

Fine Jewellery: A Sustainable Jewelery Choice

Precious metals

Rings , earrings , necklaces and more: the range of fashion jewelery is varied. But, as is often assumed, it is only cheap at first glance. Because unlike sustainable jewelry made of precious metals, fashion jewelry quickly loses its shine, tarnishes or breaks. And then it has to be disposed of. If the next fancy event is coming up, you have to buy it again. Such unnecessary double spending is not sustainable at all and is a thing of the past with real jewelry. Once you buy it, if you take good care of it, it will last a lifetime. The long-lasting accessories from fejn are also designed to be timeless and thus outlast every fashion trend for women's and men's jewelry. Find what you are looking for in our jewelry online shop and fall in love.


Sustainability is also the focus of the packaging and shipping of our individual items. We use plastic-free organic packaging material to avoid plastic waste. Only our foam inlays of the jewelry boxes contain plastic - but this can be recycled. If you are buying more than one piece of jewellery, our zero waste packaging is a great option. The shipping of our sustainable jewelry is climate neutral. In 2021, we offset around 7.55t of CO2 with DHL Go Green alone.

Repair service

Of course, every piece of jewelry can break. This happens, for example, when a part is worn a lot, is damaged by external influences or fades due to strong exposure to the sun. Of course we are not perfect either, material defects can also happen. Whatever it is, tell us! We want to take a stand against the throwaway mentality while absolutely appreciating our high-quality materials. We are an online jeweler offering a repair service. In close cooperation with our customers, we save rings, bracelets and the like. By the way: if there is no rescue, we melt down the sustainable jewelry and make a new unique piece, real recycled jewelry, from the material. Wonderful! We reveal what there is to know about this under “ Repair service ”.

Buy jewelry online & expect service

Buying silver or gold jewelery online has many advantages and saves time. We want to make it easy for our customers to find the perfect piece of sustainable jewelry . Therefore, the sustainable extraordinary jewelry, made of silver or gold, can be shopped online: women's jewelry with a click. Our detailed product photos and the appropriate descriptions and information about the products in the online jewelry shop reveal everything you need to know about the filigree jewelry pieces. Online shopping at fejn means full service focus for our customers. This includes a wide range of payment options. Whether on account, by immediate transfer or by credit card - there are many options available at check-out. Once ordered, the deliveries leave our warehouse after two to three days and are on their way to you. If a piece of jewelry does not meet the expectations, it can be returned within 30 days without any problems. In this case, the purchase price will of course be refunded.