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Article: Jewelry trends 2023 - always up to date with fejn

Schmucktrends 2023

Jewelry trends 2023 - always up to date with fejn

The first weeks of the new year 2023 are over and there are already clear trends for your jewelry box. Our minimalist jewelry is timeless - but that's exactly why it's all the more suitable to be used individually for different trends . We explain how!

Continuing in 2023: More is more

For the past year we've loved layering necklaces, stacking rings and showing off everything we've got. Also this year, more is more. It doesn't matter whether you follow the curated-ear trend with our simple hoops and earcuffs of different sizes or adorn your fingers with ring stacking - your fejn jewelery is allowed to show itself!

Particularly relevant this year: the gold-silver mix, link chains and pearls

Mix & Match

That you shouldn't wear gold and silver jewelry together is absolute nonsense. On the contrary, your jewelry becomes a very special eye-catcher when you mix your favorite pieces of both precious metals. This allows you to create your own individual look even with minimalist pieces of jewelery and you don't have to decide on one style. We love it! This trend comes into its own particularly well in combination with trendy chain layering or ring stacking .
Combine our bestsellers medium circle necklace and bar necklace in different designs - and you'll be absolutely trendy in 2023.

Link chain - Simple but effective

We love our 'the edgy' collection because it's urban, unisex and irresistible. Luckily we're not the only ones who see it that way. Link jewelry is an integral part of fashion this year. Whether as necklaces, earrings, bracelets or ring chains - we will encounter them everywhere throughout the year. Our favourite: our long chain studs , because they are filigree but an absolute eye-catcher. We love our chain pieces, especially in contrast to filigree jewelry and clothing, and combine them in new ways every day!

Pearls - this classic style is everywhere

Already last summer we saw the classic jewelry everywhere and this year pearl jewelry has not disappeared from the scene. On the contrary - the same applies to pearls this year: the main thing is lots of them and not just classic elegance! Above all, we love pearls as chokers and in 2023 we combine them at best with a break in style: pearl necklaces and chain necklaces. Give it a try with our 2022 Perfect Piece Award Winner.

Never out of trend: sustainability and individuality

Despite all the individual possibilities, can it be even more personal for you? Personalized jewelry is and will remain a particularly fashionable companion in 2023. We recommend our layered letter necklace or our gemstone pendants , whether as earrings, necklaces or bracelets. In combination with the precious metal mix, link chains or pearls, you can only be right!

The fact that we recommend sustainable consumption to you is nothing new. This is exactly why we love the jewelery trends for 2023, because they enable us to style new looks every day with our fejn favorite pieces and expand them individually.
That's why: Sustainability and individuality will adorn the most in 2023 as well.

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