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Article: Laboratory Grown Diamonds - sparkle with a clear conscience!

laborgezüchtete diamanten

Laboratory Grown Diamonds - sparkle with a clear conscience!

Fair trade, sustainable jewelry and responsible manufacturing have been at the top of our agenda since day 1. Therefore, today we would like to tell you something about the Laboratory Grown Diamonds. Since August we have begun to only use laboratory grown gemstones. Weare proud of that! Before that we used fair-mined diamonds for some of our pieces of jewelry. But that didn’t take it far enough - so we needed to find a better solution.

Synthetic diamonds – the answer to the sustainability question in the jewelry world

The procurement of diamonds for jewelry in the western world is not always fair and exemplary. Actually, it is quite the contrary! Who has not heard of the terrifying stories of "bloody diamonds"? All the better that there are now completely different, sustainable and fair ways of making wonderfully sparkling stones. So you now can embellish yourself with elegant, glittering, individual pieces and have a clear conscience!

What is a Laboratory Grown Diamond?

The name says it all: A “laboratory grown”diamond is a synthetic diamond grown in the laboratory, but it has the same chemical and physical properties as its natural “ancestor”. With the implementation of a special procedure the diamond grows in a laboratory and can then be finished and cut.

How are synthetic diamonds made?

There are several ways to make Laboratory Grown Diamonds. We rely on the more energy-saving CVD process (Chemical Vapor Deposition). Here, a new diamond grows from an already existing minimal diamond core through a complex steam procedure with carbon-rich gases.

How are diamonds formed in nature?

Conventional diamonds were formed many millions of years ago deep inside the earth. In nature carbon atoms also are bound together through strong pressure and in glowing heat, becoming rough diamonds. They can be found in the rocks of extinct volcanoes - transported to the earth's surface through volcanic eruptions. Obtaining the natural diamonds is therefore dangerous. In contrast, diamonds grown in the laboratory can beextracted more safely and, above all, more free of conflicts, i.e. more fairly.

Sustainable diamonds - beautiful and 'pure' in the truest sense

As a modern woman, you are aware of your responsibilities in everyday life - and that's a good thing. But that doesn't mean you have to do without. Quite the contrary. Modern processes enable the creation of a flawless diamond with an absolutely clear conscience. Laboratory Grown Diamonds are the basis of the future of sustainable jewelry labels. Every woman loves a grand and sparkling appearance every now and then. Thanks to the laboratory-grown diamonds, you can do this with a wonderful sense of responsibility.

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