FAIR FRIDAY - Fundraising campaign against child labor in gold mines

Together with you and other sustainable fashion labels, we want to make a statement against the consumer madness on Black Friday.

Even if fejn already uses exclusively recycled precious metals, a lot of new gold is still mined worldwide.
And the situation in the mining industry is dangerous and not sufficiently and fairly protected.

We are therefore donating half of our profits on Black Friday (26.11.2021) to a UNICEF project:

UNICEF has started a program against child labor in the gold mining areas in Burkina Faso.
Simple schools and kindergartens are being set up - so-called "bisongos" - where the children of the miners can be looked after and cared for.

In Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries in the world, even five-year-olds spend hours breaking heavy stones in a bent-over position. Others stand all day in cold, muddy water and help their parents panning for gold. The boys dig improvised tunnels more than 100 meters deep to reach the gold-bearing rock - fatal accidents are not uncommon.
In total, up to 600,000 children work in gold mines and quarries.
In most cases, their parents never went to school themselves and also have to send their children to work so that the family can survive.

Our donation gives the children of the workers a chance for a better life.