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birthstone bracelet

Recycle Sign This jewelry piece is sustainably manufactured with recycled precious metals.
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Fejn Gründerin Dagmar Kraemer
Fejn founder Dagmar Kraemer

"We meet more than just minimum requirements - that is important to me as an entrepreneur!"

personal - minimal - creative

Our birthstone bracelets are a very personal gift for you and your loved ones. Each month is assigned an individual birthstone that fits particularly well with the characteristics of the birthday child.

Choose the right month and semi-precious stone for your order:

JANUARY / Garnet (gold)
  confident - energetic - passionate
FEBRUARY / Amethyst (silver)
  intuitive - positive - optimistic
MARCH / Aquamarine (gold)
honest - fair - compassionate
APRIL / Moonstone (silver)
loyal - trustworthy - courageous
MAY / Green Onyx (gold)
romantic - compassionate - honest
JUNE / Smokey quartz (gold)
enthusiastic - spontaneous - balanced
JULY / Ruby (silver)
confident - passionate - active
AUGUST / Peridot (gold )
authentic - charming - kind
SEPTEMBER / Chalcedony (silver)
loyal - humble - integer
OCTOBER / Rose quartz (gold)
faithful - inspiring - intuitive
NOVEMBER / Citrine (gold)
generous - joyful - lucky
DECEMBER / Turquoise (silver)
  honest - wise - open minded  


length bracelet closed approx. 16.5 cm
Diameter stones approx. 2,5mm

Customer Reviews

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Fünf Sterne

Ich habe ein Armband als Geschenk gekauft schnelle Lieferung, sehr schönes Armband filigran , die Empfängerin hat sich sehr gefreut…


Ich habe mir dieses wunderschöne Armband selbst geschenkt.
Passt wunderbar zu den tollen miyuki bracelet.

Tolles Geschenk

Nachdem ich das Armband im Dezember zum Geburtstag geschenkt bekommen habe, habe ich es auch selber schon zweimal verschenkt und es ist immer gut angekommen. :-)


Schneller Versand,sehr schönes Armband. Gerne wieder

Bracelet with a birthstone by fejn jewelry - personal, sparkling, special

A bracelet with character! Whether for you, your loved ones or families: our birthstone bracelets with high-quality semi-precious stones and details made of silver or gold are very special gifts. Because the minimalistically designed birthstone bracelet not only goes perfectly with any look, it also has a deeper meaning: each month is assigned an individual birthstone that perfectly matches the characteristics of the birthday child.

But that's not enough for us. Our birthstone bracelet not only impresses with its appearance: the precious metals and semi-precious stones used for our bracelet come from sustainable sources and are produced under fair conditions. For example, we use recycled silver and gold for the production of our fejn Pieces. How this works exactly, you can read in our blog article about the processing of sustainable materials.

Bracelets with birthstones - as individual as you are

A birthstone bracelet (gold or silver) that reflects the character traits attributed to your birth month: This makes our birthstone bracelets not only a delicate jewelry statement, but also gives your look that extra portion of individuality. Our bracelet with birthstone fits your wrist perfectly: When closed, the filigree bracelet measures approx. 16.5 cm. Thanks to the practical knot closure, the jewelry can be enlarged or reduced as desired. The semi-precious stones processed in our bracelet have a diameter of about 2.5 cm.

And what does the bracelet with birthstone say about the wearer and her birth month? Our overview reveals it!

January - Urban heroines who were born in January can be happy about the noble garnet as a birthstone. The red semi-precious stone symbolizes self-confidence, energy and passion. Golden details complete the look.

February - Silver details and the amethyst are the perfect match for all February birthday boys and girls. The purple birthstone represents intuition, optimism and encourages creativity.

March - The iridescent blue aquamarine is an especially good match for March births. It symbolizes honesty, fairness and compassion. Golden details make the look perfect.

April - Bright moonstone and silver details create a delicate design for April birthdays. The semi-precious stone represents loyalty, courage and trustworthiness.

May - Rich green and gold: the perfect color combo for those celebrating birthdays in May. The semi-precious stone symbolizes romance, compassion and honesty.

June - Noble smoky quartz and golden details look especially good on June children. With the semi-precious stone, urban heroines wear their enthusiasm, spontaneity and inner balance around their wrist.

July - Deep red ruby complemented by silver details: the perfect match for July-borns. The semi-precious stone symbolizes self-confidence, passion and activity.

August - The greenish shimmering peridot and the golden details of the birthstone bracelet are a perfect match for all nomadic women who celebrate their birthday in August. The semi-precious stone represents authenticity, charm and kindness.

September - Blue chalcedony and silver details represent loyalty, modesty and independence of all September birthday girls.

October - The noble rose quartz is attributed to October-borns. With golden details, it emphasizes loyalty, inspiration and intuition.

November - Honey-colored citrine fits especially well on the wrist of November-borns. Supplemented with golden details, it represents generosity, cheerfulness and reinforces the wearer's happiness.

December - Last but not least, December-borns are attributed the semi-precious stone turquoise. Combined with silver details, it represents wisdom, openness and honesty.

Birthstone Bracelets - Gemstones with history

Special and somehow magical: gemstones and their unique look fascinate Schuck lovers all over the world. But where do the properties attributed to birthstones actually come from?

In fact, the semi-precious stones processed in our bracelet with birthstone has a long tradition full of sagas and legends. The mystery of birthstones goes back far into the past and began as early as the first century: According to the story, a Jewish scholar saw twelve stones on a breastplate and interpreted that they represented the twelve months of the year. A few centuries later, monks and other scholars began wearing the birthstones and attributed mystical powers to them. To this day, the belief that the special gemstones possess strengthening powers persists. Accordingly, the bracelet with birthstone matching the month of birth should be particularly well suited to the wearer and reflect and strengthen her positive qualities - yay!

Special Bracelet - Birthstone for your loved one

Egal ob für Familien-Mitglieder oder Freunde: Das passende Geschenk zum Geburtstag von Mama, der Partnerin oder der besten Freundin zu finden gestaltet sich häufig alles andere als leicht. Persönlich und besonders soll es sein? Dann sind unsere Armbänder mit Geburtsstein die perfekte Wahl! Das Geburtsstein-Armband für Mütter ist eine besonders gute Idee: Denn das Armband mit Geburtsstein von fejn jewelry ist der perfekte Everyday-Begleiter. Gleichzeitig erinnert es die Trägerin täglich an ihre charakterliche Superpower. Besser geht’s nicht? Doch! Unser Armband mit Geburtsstein ist obendrein auch nachhaltig produziert – und damit nicht nur besonders schön, sondern auch besonders verantwortungsbewusst.  

Armband mit Geburtstein der Liebsten

Eine gute Freundin ist gerade Mama geworden, oder bist du vielleicht auf der Suche nach einem einzigartigen Hochzeitsgeschenk. Wer sich für den Geburtsstein von Kind oder Partner als Geschenk entscheidet, verschenkt die Extraportion Emotion für Familien. So können New Moms und Newly Weds tagtägliche die Energie des Lieblingsmenschen spüren.

birthstone bracelet, chic and sustainably packaged

For the perfect finish of the individual jewelry gift, the only thing missing is the right packaging: How about our Furoshikis, for example? The individually designed cloths are recyclable, so that they will give the recipient pleasure for a long time even after unwrapping the Bracelets with birthstones. Whether as a stylish "home" for other favorite pieces of jewelry or jewelry protection for on the go: the practical cloths have a tradition in Japan and can be used again and again, not only for the bracelet with birthstone. Every birthday girl or boy will be happy about this - I promise!