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single diamond ring | solid gold

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tiny diamond necklace | solid gold

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Synthetic diamonds from fejn jewelry - sustainably cultivated 

We all know them: Horrifying stories about “bloody diamonds”, degrading conditions around diamond mining and exploitative child labour. Unfortunately, the history of its manufacture is rarely as sparkling and pure as the popular diamond itself. At fejn we put an end to that! We are aware of our responsibility - and have been since day one of our company's history.

Wear sparkling diamonds with a clear conscience? This works out! Because we only use synthetic diamonds that have been grown in the laboratory. What few people know: Diamonds grown in the laboratory are a real alternative to their conventional relatives. Synthetic diamonds are just as high quality and shapely as the natural gemstone variant. The disadvantage? There is no! Whether as your own favorite accessory or as a sparkling gift: Our minimalistically designed diamond rings, earrings, bracelets and chains ensure a glamorous appearance without compromise - timeless, genuine and simply beautiful.

Synthetic diamonds, authentic value

Decorate yourself with the suffering of others? Not an option for urban heroines. At fejn, we therefore only process laboratory-grown diamonds. This is how sparkling jewelry moments meet a flawless conscience. For example with our memory diamond ring made of 14K yellow gold. The filigree ring, which is adorned all around with synthetic diamonds with 0.01 carats, ensures pure lasting luxury. Do you love glittering earrings? Then our diamond huggies are the right choice. The small creoles with synthetic diamonds skilfully put your ear in the limelight with 0.01 carat.

At fejn jewelry you will find sustainable diamond jewelery without sacrificing quality. Because who would have thought it: With the naked eye, the differences between synthetic diamonds and the naturally occurring gemstones cannot be determined at all. In terms of price, artificial diamonds and the naturally occurring version of gemstones are also on par. Unlike the conventionally mined variant, our synthetic diamonds are guaranteed to have been created without suffering. So if you want to buy lab-grown diamonds and prefer them to classically sourced gemstones, there are many good reasons to do so.

Diamonds grown in the laboratory 

Unlike their naturally occurring counterparts, which were formed millions of years ago in the sweltering heat and intense pressure of the Earth's interior, synthetic diamonds are grown in the laboratory. But: The diamonds grown in the laboratory are by no means fake diamonds! Because synthetic diamonds produced in this way have the same properties as their naturally occurring counterparts. And that from both a chemical and a physical point of view. Laboratory-grown diamonds are 100% carbon and are just as hard as the subterranean variant of the gemstone. And these are just some of the reasons why you should buy synthetic diamonds.

Once the growth process in the laboratory is complete, a synthetic diamond can be processed and polished as desired. Synthetic diamonds thus provide a sustainable answer to the traditional diamond extraction that has been the subject of criticism. This marks the beginning of a new era for gemstones discovered as early as the fourth century BC!

This is how synthetic diamonds are made

But how exactly does this work with lab-made diamonds? There are essentially two ways of producing synthetic diamonds: In the first production variant, the High Temperature High Pressure (HPHT) process, carbon particles are formed into a diamond under high pressure and at high temperatures in a pressure chamber. The second extraction process, called Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), relies on the new growth of a synthetic diamond from an existing piece of the gemstone. A complex steam process creates a new, artificial diamond. At fejn we use the CVD method to obtain synthetic diamonds. We also pay attention to environmentally friendly energy generation. This creates a sustainable gemstone that everyone can benefit from.

Would you like to find out more about the manufacturing processes and the laboratory-grown diamonds used at fejn? Then take a look at our blog article about Lab Grown Diamonds .

Top-class token of love – giving away Lab Grown Diamonds

A well-known situation: The next birthday present for mum or best friend should be something very special, the godchild's confirmation is imminent or the "husband to be" is planning a sparkling engagement surprise. Timelessly beautiful diamond jewelery from fejn should not be missing on any of these occasions. For example, how about our elegant tiny diamond necklace for mum, the tiny diamond stud earrings for the best of us, or the timelessly beautiful single diamond ring for the most important question in love?

Now if you're asking yourself, "Who would want a lab diamond ring?" Then the correct answer to that should definitely be: “Everyone!” Even if the term takes some getting used to, laboratory-grown diamonds are in no way inferior to naturally occurring gemstones! With the same look and properties, synthetic diamonds provide a delicate sparkling look with a wonderful sense of responsibility. Are you unsure which ring size is right for your partner? Our blog article reveals how you can find out the ring size without her knowing about it. The perfect surprise is guaranteed.

The sustainable diamond gift becomes even more special with the right packaging. Our environmentally friendly Furoshikis make your eyes shine as soon as you unpack them! The square towels from Japan have always served as practical packaging or carrying bags. At fejn, they are not only produced in an environmentally friendly manner, but can also be reused. The unique cloth design adds the finishing touch to your lab grown Diamonds Grown.