satin ball stud satin ball stud

satin ball stud

From €24,00
satin disc stud satin disc stud

satin disc stud

From €29,00
shiny ball studs shiny ball studs

shiny ball studs

From €24,00
tiny stud tiny stud

tiny stud

From €19,00
pearl stud pearl stud

pearl stud

From €29,00
satin bar stud Ohrring bar satin in stabform mattiert, 24K vergoldet

satin bar stud

From €34,00
satin circle stud satin circle stud

satin circle stud

From €29,00
Ohrstecker halfmoon - Halbmond vergoldet Ohrstecker halfmoon - Halbmond in roségold

half moon studs

From €24,00
sparkle stud sparkle stud

sparkle stud

From €24,00
Ohrstecker filigran curved - recyceltes Silber vergoldet Ohrstecker filigran curved - recyceltes Silber

curved studs

From €19,00
shiny circle studs shiny circle studs

shiny circle studs

From €29,00
shiny disc stud shiny disc stud

shiny disc stud

From €29,00
black stud Ohrstecker black stud mit Silberner Fassung - recyceltes Silber

black stud

From €24,00
shiny bar stud Ohrstecker in Stabform glänzend in silber - shiny bar stud

shiny bar stud

From €34,00
link chain stud link chain stud

link chain stud

From €34,00
tiny diamond stud | solid gold tiny diamond stud | solid gold
Solid Gold

tiny diamond stud | solid gold

From €199,00

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Stud earrings from fejn jewelry – tiny or edgy earrings for all looks

Discreet, striking, beautiful: small or large ear studs are one of the most popular accessories for urban fashion heroines. And why? Very easily! Ear studs , whether made of silver, gold or with pearls, go perfectly with any outfit and complement clean and striking looks in no time at all. Fejn offers a large online selection of ear studs that are handmade from sustainable materials and can be worn as a single ear stud or as a pair. Whether playful, with precious stones or puristic ear studs: they are all modern and contemporary. Discover the selection now and buy stud earrings.

Ear studs: gold, silver - always recycled

At fejn jewelry, modern ear studs are made from sustainable materials such as recycled gold or silver . Silver jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver and can be purchased either material-wise or 18-carat gold-plated. Our solid gold pieces are made of 14 carat solid gold. Why do we rely on recycled precious metals? It's quite clear: the material is available in sufficient quantities in the world and is in no way inferior to the conventionally mined precious metals, it also saves CO₂ and is also the better choice from a social point of view. After all, child labour, exploitation and environmental degradation are the sad reality of precious metal mining.

Ear stud styles: Ear jewelery can be so versatile

Our handmade ear studs impress with a clean, filigree look and are handmade unique pieces. The designs are as individual as our customers and adapt to every style: from simple to edgy. You decide which ear stud suits you or a gifted person best!

Simple stud earrings

Whether spherical , disc or dot , simple little ear studs always work! They are the perfect everyday companion and are available from fejn in a choice of silver, gold-plated or rosé. Some models, such as the satin gold stud , are made of solid 585 gold. This model also impresses with its chic satin finish and is a special but simple eye-catcher. A small ear stud makes a few.

Stud earrings with stones or pearls

Do you sometimes wish for an extra portion of shine and grace? Then special ear studs with pearls, laboratory-grown diamonds or colorful zirconia are just right. Depending on your taste and budget, we offer a large selection of ear studs: pearl or stone trimmings. Our tiny diamond studs or pearl studs are an all-time classic. Can color come into play? Then the black studs are a perfect and timeless choice.

Unusual ear studs with a variety of shapes

Balls and other common shapes are too boring for you or are they already in your jewelery box at home? No problem! Whether crescent shape , heart shape or urban hexagon style . We have what makes your creativity flourish. In silver, gold-plated or solid gold, there are no limits to your ear stud style.

Ear studs: round and beautiful

Anyone who likes round shapes, but already owns a few hoop earrings , can also opt for round ear studs. The piece is a simple eye-catcher with a filigree look. Perfectly combined with additional ear studs in the second ear hole, round ear studs can also be easily combined. It's worth taking a look at our shiny circle studs or the curved studs .

Stud Earrings: Ladies love the chain design

Can it be a bit edgy? Then high-quality earrings (silver or gold) with a chain design are perfect. Especially in the evening or when an outfit changes from a daily look to a dinner look, earrings are a great accessory to prettify simple looks. Chain details are particularly chic and stand out! You decide whether our statement drop chain stud earrings , the filigree link chain stud or another model suits you better!

Stud Earrings: Fashion jewelry not for sensitive skin

Many people cannot tolerate costume jewelry and react with an allergy. The ear in particular is particularly sensitive and often reacts to nickel and other inferior materials. The result: red, itchy and inflamed ears. To avoid such unsightly results, precious metals are the better choice for the ear. Ear studs made of silver and gold according to the highest quality standards are free of nickel, lead and cadmium and are therefore very skin-friendly. If you also rely on regular cleaning of the ear studs, you are on the safe side in terms of skin technology.

Ear studs: care for gold and silver properly

All of our stud earrings are handmade from high quality, sustainable and recycled materials. This makes maintenance particularly easy. However, if you want to do something good for your jewelry, it is best to keep the ear studs in an airtight container if the ear studs don't find their place on the ear. You can gently clean milder dirt with a cotton or microfiber cloth. Simply rub gently and the stud earrings will shine again in their old glory.

If the jewelry starts to tarnish, there is no reason to worry. Precious metals such as gold and silver can be polished clean with special silver or gold cleaning cloths. Incidentally, satin-finished jewelery can also be cleaned with an eraser. And your ear studs will sparkle beautifully again - very simple.

We at fejn have another tip for long-lasting and beautiful pieces of jewelry: avoid contact with perfume, cream, hairspray or water. It is best to remove ear studs and other jewelry before showering, styling or swimming.

Shop earrings online and expect service

You can buy fejn jewelry online or in the shop in Cologne. No matter what you choose, our service is always guaranteed. Our online shopped ear studs are on their way after 2-3 days and will be with you in no time at all. Wasn't your choice the best? No problem. You can return your items within 30 days without giving a reason. Very easy! If a piece of jewelry breaks, it doesn't have to go to the dustbin: we're happy to repair our ear studs and are fighting the throwaway mentality!