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Article: Design your own jewelry beautifully - that's how it works!

Eigenen Schmuck selbst wunderschön gestalten – so geht's!

Design your own jewelry beautifully - that's how it works!

Whether it's a bracelet, necklace, earring or ring - people have been wearing individual jewelery for thousands of years. And never without a reason: while pieces of jewelery today tend to make a statement, underline one's personality or be understood as a sign of love, back then they were considered a symbol of strength and an expression of belonging. In one way or another, jewelry has always played a special role for mankind.

But always popular: giving your own jewelry a personal touch. But designing your own jewelry – is that even possible? Of course, making jewelry yourself is definitely a good idea if you want to express your own style and that certain something with the help of accessories. And, spoiler alert: When it comes to designing your own jewelry, it doesn't always have to be "from scratch" jewelry production. We reveal how you can underline your individuality with pieces of jewelery - even without a local production facility. Here we go!

Designing jewelry made easy

We have already announced that designing your own jewelery does not necessarily require professional equipment. Of course, you can use minimalist chains, leather cords, pearls and pendants to design your own jewelery or personalize it. However, there are two key points to note:

  • The quality of your pieces may suffer when you design your own jewelry. Because hand-made and high-quality jewelery is the result of a conscious choice of material and a lot of craftsmanship.

  • The thing about sustainability: In the best case, the self-designed pieces of jewelry of urban heroines should not only look great, but also be durable and sustainable. If you want to design jewelry yourself, these criteria are difficult to meet.

So it's easier than making a piece of jewelery yourself if you give existing pieces of jewelery your very own signature look. At fejn you will find sustainably produced and minimalist pieces that offer you a wide range of options in terms of look and feel. For example, you can design your jewelry online and choose exactly the version that suits you.

A perfect example of this is our gemstone anklet . Simply select the band color and pearl or semi-precious stone pendant and you have designed your own piece of jewelery with just a few clicks. With our name bracelet, you can even conjure up your full name – or that of your loved one – on your wrist. Designing your own jewelry made easy!

Design your own chain? Sure, of course!

Would you like to design your own chain? Excellent! Chains are also perfect for designing them yourself and adding your own personal style. For example, you can embellish simple necklaces with charms of your choice or wear them with other chains in a layered look. A new jewelry design is created again and again, which stylistically bears your signature. For example, wear your favorite ring around your neck on a longer chain, you will see how individual and personal this look feels!
If you don't necessarily want to do the chain design yourself, there are other easy ways to adapt it to your taste. Our tag necklace , for example, is suitable for this, as it allows you to design your own jewelry on the pendant and thus offers absolute creativity. With our punching technique you can design your silver pendant yourself - maybe with your desired letter? Maybe silver-colored jewelry isn't your thing? No problem: fejn also has a version with a gold or rose gold pendant.

Design your own pendant with engraving

The perfect custom addition to minimalist necklaces, bracelets or even earrings are personalized pendants, also known as charms. Because pendants not only look trendy, but also simplify the process of designing your own jewelry enormously. And that doesn't just apply to your own jewelry - pieces with a personalized pendant also make a particularly good gift. Because what says “you mean a lot to me” better than an accessory with a letter pendant or even an engraving.

A classic example of engraved jewelry is wedding rings . Lovers can decide for themselves whether the inside of their rings should have a love message, a date or, for example, the name of the other person. The engraving can be ordered online in the fejn shop or done on site in the store. Design your own jewelry – for eternity!

Design jewelry - let's get started!

Of course, the same applies in the jewelry world: Anything that pleases is allowed. So when it comes to designing your own jewelry, you can just do your thing and express yourself in terms of design as you please. It doesn't matter whether you decide on completely homemade jewelery or variants with the possibility of personalization. You do you!

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