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Article: Ring shapes & ring profiles – your guide from fejn jewelry

Ringformen und Ringprofile

Ring shapes & ring profiles – your guide from fejn jewelry

We at fejn know that a ring is not just a ring. And no, this doesn't just mean the distinction between the "normal" and the engagement or wedding ring. Because finger jewelry is available in countless ring shapes , sizes and variations. It is often difficult to keep track of things. If you've often wondered what ring shapes there are, which rings suit you best and how to choose the perfect ring shapes for wedding bands, we have something for you. Because our guide provides insight into all these topics. Let's put a ring on it!

There are ring shapes

No surprise: when you look at your finger jewelery collection, you've probably already noticed that the pieces of jewelery differ from each other in terms of ring shapes and designs. However, professionals do not only differentiate between round and square ring shapes. The ring shapes determine how the ring looks optically. The shape of the ring, so to speak its cross section, is also referred to as the ring profile. In addition to the design of the outside of the ring, the crowning of the ring also plays a role.

Bomb... what?! Don't panic, the whole thing sounds more dangerous than it is. The crowning is simply the design of the inside and outside of the ring. Other pieces of jewelry can also have a camber. The ring edges are rounded off when crowned. This creates a curve. This has an impact on wearing comfort, because domed rings are easier to put on and take off again. Basically, the wider the ring, the more useful the crowning.

Apart from the different degrees of crowning, the most popular ring shapes can be roughly divided into oval, square and rounded. While oval ring shapes are completely rounded, the edges of rounded models - as the name suggests - are ground down accordingly in order to minimize the curve. Angular or square ring shapes, on the other hand, have a distinctive, rectangular shape on the outside.

At fejn you will find many sustainable ring shapes, including ring models with an oval or round design. These include, for example, our minimalist single ring or the solid gold memory diamond ring . But even if you are more of an advocate of the "edgy" look in the truest sense of the word, you will find what you are looking for thanks to models such as the satin band ring . And the best? No matter which ring shape you choose: All our finger rings come from sustainable production and are made from recycled precious metals. Yay!

The perfect engagement ring

There is hardly another shape that urban heroines think about as much as their engagement ring shape. For brides-to-be, the shape of the gemstone on the ring often plays a much bigger role than the ring profile itself. In addition to the classic round cut of the gemstone, such as with our modern engagement ring , there are many other popular shapes for gemstones. These include, for example, the cushion, pear, marquise, oval or heart cut. Incidentally, the shape of the gemstone also determines how the ring looks on the finger:
While the pointed ends of oval, marquise and pear-shaped diamonds make the fingers appear longer, round gemstones look particularly good on small hands.

Types of rings for marriage

Ideally, you and your partner will wear your wedding rings for the rest of your life. It is therefore important that you choose ring shapes that are comfortable to wear. Regardless of whether the wedding rings end up being square, rounded or oval: make sure that your wedding ring shapes sit comfortably on your finger. Exceptional wedding rings are often beautiful to look at, but often turn out to be not very practical in everyday life. This applies, for example, to excessively wide ring shapes. It is best to test how comfortable the wedding rings are to wear before you buy them. By the way: at fejn there is a 30-day returns period during which you can easily send the rings back to us without giving a reason.

Which ring suits me?

Of course, you decide which ring or ring shape best suits you and your style. Basically, the wider the ring design, the shorter the finders appear. So if you want to visually lengthen your fingers with a ring-shaped piece of jewelry, you should opt for narrower ring shapes.

In addition to the ring shapes themselves, the different color variations of the rings also play a role. For example, you can use your skin type as a guide when choosing the right color: While gold tones go particularly well with darker skin types, silver-colored rings come into their own perfectly on paler skin tones. The rose-colored ring type is considered the “safe choice” because it suits all skin types equally well.

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