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Article: Determine the ring size without a ring – fejn reveals how it's done

ringgrößen ermitteln ohne ring

Determine the ring size without a ring – fejn reveals how it's done

Have you fallen in love with one of our rings online, but you don't have a comparison ring ready and therefore don't know which ring size is right for you? Would you like to surprise a dear friend with a ring gift, but you have no idea which ring size is right for her? Or maybe you even plan to ask your partner the question of all questions during the classic knee drop? Then it says: Don't despair! Because we have the right tips ready for all of these cases. And even the matching engagement ring .

Did you know that you can find out your ring size without a ring ? It even works clandestinely and without the lucky ring recipient noticing anything. This is how the online ring purchase can also give you the perfect (engagement) surprise.

How do I find out my ring size without a ring?

Ring fan or not - did you know that most people have absolutely no idea what ring size they need? So if you feel the same way, you are not alone.

If you are not usually a classic ring wearer, but have fallen in love with a filigree piece of jewelry online, you will of course want to order it in the right size. The good news: Even without a comparison ring, you can easily determine your ring size using everyday objects that you are guaranteed to have at home.

Determining the size without a ring using a ruler and strips of paper

The easiest way to determine your own ring size is with the ruler and paper strip method. All you need is a pen, a ruler, and a piece of paper that is 8 to 10 cm long.

That's how it works:

1. The strip of paper is placed lengthwise around the finger to be measured. You decide whether this is the ring finger, thumb or index finger. Make sure that the strip is not too loose on your finger.

2. When everything is comfortable, mark the spot where the strips of paper meet with a line.

3. You can then remove the "paper ring" from your finger and measure the marked distance. Et voilà: The result in millimeters describes your ring size. For example, a measured distance of 5.3 cm corresponds to ring size 54, 5.6 cm corresponds to ring size 56 and so on. This is how you can correctly measure your ring size.

Secretly find out the ring size without a ring

It gets trickier when your loved one must not know about the ring gift under any circumstances - for example in the case of a planned marriage proposal. The goal: secretly find out the ring size – without a ring. If you're sure your loved one is sound asleep, the ruler-and-paper method above can also work secretly at night. Of course, the engagement ring should later slide effortlessly over your finger and fit perfectly. It is therefore important to proceed as precisely as possible with the measurement – ​​despite the thrill. It is important to know that the engagement ring is usually worn on the left ring finger.

If your partner is more of a light sleeper, or if you want to surprise your girlfriends with a fine ring, other methods must be used. We have summarized the best options for you:

Option 1 - determine the ring size with modeling clay or soap

Even if it sounds strange: A piece of play dough or soap can help determine ring size. Rings discarded by your partner can be pressed into the malleable mass. This creates a ring impression that is true to the original, which you can measure at your leisure and use to determine the ring size. You can find out how to determine the ring size based on the ring diameter in our blog article about measuring ring sizes with existing rings.

Option 2 - determine ring size using your own finger

Do you have instant access to one of the rings that your loved one regularly wears on their ring finger? Excellent! Now you've got to be quick. Grab the ring and see if it fits on one of your fingers. If this is the case, measure the size there with a strip of paper as described above. Extra tip: If your hands are significantly larger than your partner's and the ring doesn't quite fit anywhere, slide the ring in the middle of one of your fingers until it sits comfortably. Then mark the spot with a pen. Now you can use the paper strip to determine the ring size of your loved one based on this point.

Option 3 - Use averages to determine ring size

You have secretly determined the ring size, but are still looking for the right ring model for your loved one, mum or best friend? You will find what you are looking for at fejn! How about, for example, our timelessly beautiful single diamond ring made of solid gold as a token of love for engagement? With the filigree satin single ring for mom or the satin disc ring for your better half in terms of friendship, nothing can go wrong when handing over the gift.

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