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Article: Cleaning silver jewelry – this is how it works

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Cleaning silver jewelry – this is how it works

The next party is coming up or your best friend has invited you to a coffee date - of course your favorite silver accessories should not be missing. But wait - what is that? When you look at your silver jewellery, you will notice: Nothing glitters here anymore! Instead of a silver shimmer, unsightly black discolorations flash towards you. If this situation sounds familiar to you and you often ask yourself: “ How do I properly clean silver jewelry ?” Then this article provides the right answers for you.

The good news first: tarnishing (i.e. turning black) of silver is a natural process because silver reacts with oxygen. It oxidizes with the air. This chemical process causes dark or even black discoloration. If you wear your silver jewelery less regularly, this promotes oxidation, because: The process is usually stopped by friction on skin, clothing and surfaces. Whether silver chains , silver rings , silver bracelets or silver earrings : With the right tools, your silver jewelry can be cleaned - and very easily! fejn shows how it's done.

Classic cleaning with a silver cleaning cloth

If you want to clean your tarnished silver after a long break from wearing it, you can use a silver cleaning cloth. Simply run the cloth over the clean piece of jewelery and polish until it shines like new. Cleaning with a special cloth is probably the most common method of silver care. The cloth, which at first glance looks like a normal cleaning rag, has a lot to offer: because its fibers contain active ingredients that clean silver jewelery and effortlessly remove black deposits, tarnished areas and dark discolorations.

But beware! As is so often the case when polishing with a silver cleaning cloth: a lot doesn't always help a lot. Because each polishing process not only removes unsightly discolorations, but also some of the silver material or silver alloy. When cleaning with the silver cleaning cloth, you should therefore proceed cautiously and without great pressure and not work on your silver jewelry with the cloth too often. By the way: Do not wash the cleaning cloth, otherwise it loses its cleaning effect.

Clean silver jewelry - home remedies that help

If you don't have a silver cleaning cloth handy, you can also use household items to help you clean silver jewelry. We have compiled the most effective methods:

Use detergent for cleaning

Do you want to clean your favorite silver chain? Then prepare a water bath with some washing-up liquid in a bowl. Simply dip the jewelry in there and carefully clean it with a soft toothbrush. Then rinse your jewelry with clear water and dry it with a soft cloth. Tada - Slight discolouration and everyday dirt should now be gone.

Aluminum foil for cleaning

Salt, water, and aluminum foil can also be used to clean silver jewelry. First, heat up a liter of water and dissolve a few tablespoons of salt in it. Then you can add the silver jewelry to the mixture along with some aluminum foil. After about two minutes you will notice that the chemical reaction that takes place in the water bath reduces discolouration. If needed, you can repeat the bathing process to clean your silver jewelry. It's easy, isn't it?

Clean silver jewelry with vinegar

Also a powerful helper if you want to clean your silver jewelry: Vinegar! Place your filigree jewelry in a small bowl and fill it up with vinegar. Depending on the degree of soiling, leave your piece of jewelry in the liquid for between 15 minutes and two hours. Then rinse thoroughly with water and dry carefully.

Baking soda and baking soda will help

Thanks to the fine grinding particles it contains, baking powder and baking soda are also suitable for cleaning silver jewellery. Simply mix baking powder or baking soda with a little warm water to form a paste and spread it over the accessory with a cloth. Similar to the silver cleaning cloth, the same applies here: Do not exert too much pressure! The particles contained in the mass have an abrasive effect and can remove the silver - especially in the case of an alloy.

Cleaning silver jewelry - Ultrasound brings shine

Another effective way to clean silver jewelry? Ultrasonic! If home remedies and a silver cleaning cloth are no longer sufficient for cleaning silver jewelry, you can clean your accessories professionally with an ultrasonic device. Thanks to the ultrasonic technology, which works with fast vibrations, even hard-to-reach places on the piece of jewelery are cleaned. You can get a suitable device in specialist shops or online. Or in our store - we are happy to clean your jewelery for you on site!

But be careful: not all pieces of jewelery are suitable for cleaning with an ultrasonic device. Especially if you want to clean silver jewelry with stones, you should check whether ultrasonic cleaning is recommended. If you are unsure, it is best to ask your trusted jeweler.

Prevention instead of aftercare - this is how you protect your silver jewelry

If not worn, silver jewelry oxidizes more quickly with the air. Unsightly discolorations then form in no time. In order to slow down this process, it is advisable to store silver accessories as airtight as possible. For example in a jewelry box. In order to avoid other chemical reactions and discoloration, you should also keep your silver jewelery away from cosmetics, perfumes or creams as well as from water.

If, contrary to expectations, a fejn piece of jewelry breaks and cleaning alone is no longer enough, our repair service is there for you.

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