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Article: Jewelry storage ideas for your favorite pieces

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Jewelry storage ideas for your favorite pieces

Where is your second favorite earring and what happened to the filigree necklace ? Jewelry fans know the problem: Because even the most minimalist jewelry collection consists of a few essentials that you can quickly lose track of. The right jewelry storage is important so that your favorite pieces are always well stowed away and ready to hand.

But: What are the options and which jewelry storage is best for your sparkling favorite pieces? fejn enlightens and shares the best jewelry storage ideas . Silver, gold or rose gold treasures are guaranteed to be in good hands.

Jewelry Storage: These options are there

It doesn't matter whether it's a small jewelry box , a larger jewelry box , a spacious jewelry drawer or a decorative jewelry stand: there are many options for jewelry storage. Jewelry boxes lined with velvet or jewelry boxes with several compartments are particularly popular. The latter variant of jewelry storage is available, for example, made of plastic, wood or with (artificial) leather cover. Due to the different designs, it can be adapted to the taste of every jewelry hunter. There are also special, velvet-lined inserts with compartments for dresser or cupboard drawers that make it easier to store jewelry and protect it from external influences. If you want to be on the safe side with the drawer variant, you can also stow the pieces of jewelery in a velvet bag before sorting them into the compartments or use small jute bags, which we supply with every jewelery order. In this way, your favorite treasures are additionally protected.

No surprise: the larger the jewelry collection, the larger the jewelry storage should be. So each favorite piece has its own place and doesn't fly around wildly stacked in the individual jewelry compartments - or even in the area.

Can also be used for jewelry storage: jewelry stands. The stands are made of metal, plastic or wood and come in a variety of designs. They are also available in different heights. Decorated with your favorite accessories, they also serve as decorative eye-catchers.

But beware! The general rule is: Real jewelry with gold or silver content should be stored away from air and light as much as possible. The hanging jewelry storage is only suitable for fashion jewelry. Jewelry containing metal is better kept in closed containers such as jewelry boxes or boxes to minimize exposure to air. Because: silver quickly darkens due to the reaction with the air, while gold pieces of jewelry lose their luster more quickly in the air. However, if you only want to store your favorite jewelery for a short time or overnight, or if you own jewelery without metal content, you are welcome to use this decorative variant.

Furoshikis for careful storage of jewelry

Furo... what?! Our chic Furoshikis are sustainably produced towels that are particularly popular in Japan. They not only serve as unusual gift packaging, but can also help to protect treasures stored in the jewelery box or drawer from direct air and light contact. Small earrings, for example, can be safely stowed away in the stylish towels. So everything stays in its place. And best of all, they are not only practical, they also look particularly pretty.

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This jewelry storage is suitable for necklaces, earrings and co.

How to store necklaces and what to look out for when storing earrings? Which choice of jewelery storage is the right one depends not only on the extent of the jewelery you own, but above all on the type of jewelery you have in your collection. We have the best jewelry storage tips .

Smaller jewelry boxes, boxes and drawers are particularly suitable for urban heroines who prefer earrings and rings . Lovers of bracelets or necklaces should prefer to use larger storage options or jewelry stands as jewelry storage.

Store chains without knotting: The best method for chain storage ? hanging! Unlike lying in the jewelry box or jewelry box, nasty chain knots don't stand a chance in the hanging version. The same applies to bracelets, by the way. That way, your favorite necklace and fine chain bracelet are guaranteed to stay untangled and ready to hand at all times. However, this practical storage option should be used with caution: Because while metal-free costume jewelery accessories don't mind "hanging out" freely in the room, hanging devices for real jewelery should only be used in cupboards that are protected from light and air or in large, high jewelery boxes.

By the way: On request, we at fejn can deliver a jewelry box with your order. You can store rings in it, for example. It is also perfect for placing in larger jewelry boxes or in drawer units. It can be reused sustainably as a "box-in-the-box option" and helps with jewelry organization.

Jewelry storage as a DIY project

Anyone who finds “off-the-shelf” jewelry storage too boring can get creative themselves.
For example, chains and bracelets that don't contain any metal can be easily hung up on nails that find their place on the wall or closet door.

A DIY storage project is also a good idea in terms of sustainability: the key word here is “upcycling”! Because old egg cartons or glass bottles are great for making jewelry storage for metal-free treasures. It is best to color the egg cartons with spray paint beforehand. Tip: It's particularly cool in a silver or gold metallic look. After drying, the cardboard is suitable as a venerable earring storage and is also perfect for rings.

Clean glass bottles - filled with colored sand, for example - are a real eye-catcher and the perfect holder for bracelets or rings without metal. Simply place the piece of jewelery around the neck of the bottle and you're done.

Jewelry storage made from collected branches is also decorative for metal-free pieces. Simply attach a tear-resistant rope to the ends of the branch and attach the other end of the rope to the wall with nails. Tada: The branch already serves as a pretty and natural home for necklaces, bracelets, rings and hoop earrings.

If it is a DIY project that also safely accommodates real jewelry, we recommend a "homemade" jewelry box. Simply get a well-closing wooden box from a craft supply store or hardware store. Nicely painted and lined with velvet, the self-made box can then be used to store jewelry. Small velvet bags or jute bags from fejn are ideal for compensating for the lack of compartments for sorting jewelry. This way, pieces of jewelry remain individually and safely stowed away.

The right jewelry storage when traveling

At the latest when packing for the next holiday, jewelry-loving nomads are faced with the question: "Where to put my favorite things?". To ensure that your favorite pieces of jewelry get to your destination safely and neatly, a jewelry organizer is recommended for on the go. It's available as a foldable travel box, in which all your favorite pieces of jewelry can be safely stowed away.

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