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Article: Rose gold - that's behind the noble gold tone


Rose gold - that's behind the noble gold tone

La vie en rosé! Noble, reddish shimmering rose gold has been very popular with jewelry fans for decades. Rose gold looks modern, combines well with other metal tones and exudes femininity. But: Where does the special gold tone come from? How do pieces of jewelry get their pink shine and what is the difference between rose gold and red gold ? fejn clarifies and also gives valuable tips about rose gold care .

The Story of Rose Gold

Gold has fascinated jewelry fans all over the world for more than 40,000 years. The rose-colored "little sister" of the yellow-gold precious metal, on the other hand, only became popular in the 19th century. When the famous Russian jeweler and goldsmith Peter Carl Fabergé successfully sold his famous rose gold Fabergé eggs to the world of tsars, the world of jewelery was shattered: the rose gold trend was born. Fun fact: In Western Europe and the USA, the reddish shimmering pieces of jewelery were therefore long referred to as "Russian gold".

Especially in the 1940s, rose gold became more and more popular. As a trademark of Hollywood stars, it was particularly celebrated for its individual and romantic look. To this day, it is impossible to imagine our jewelry boxes without rose gold pieces. Due to the high changeability and the fact that the metal nuance suits all skin tones equally, rose gold has meanwhile become a jewelery evergreen. Whether with a basic t-shirt and jeans or for a clean evening appearance in a cocktail dress: rose gold jewelery always works!

This is how rose gold is made

There is no doubt about the beauty of rose gold. What remains, however, is the question of how the shiny reddish color of the jewelry comes about. The answer lies in the alloy: because pure gold is far too sensitive to be used in jewellery. That is why it is always mixed with other precious metals. This process is called alloying. The mass fraction of the highest grade precious metal used in jewelry making (gold in this case) is called the fine fraction. No surprise: the higher the gold content, the higher the quality of the piece of jewellery. Even rose gold pieces are no exception when it comes to alloys: to preserve the reddish shine, jewelry manufacturers mix gold with silver and copper.

Incidentally, this mixture does not detract from the gold value, because the gold content of rose gold jewelery is the same as that of yellow gold. Only the mixing ratio is different. For fejn's high-quality rose gold jewelry, we use 58.8% pure 14K solid gold, which we mix with 38.7% copper and 2.5% pure silver. The best part? At fejn jewelry, we only use recycled precious metals to make our jewelry. You can read more about how we use precious metals for sustainable jewelry production in our blog post about recycled gold and silver .

By the way: Although we often use the terms synonymously in everyday life, there is a difference between rose gold and red gold . Although both colors result from the gold alloy with copper and silver, the proportion of copper used in red gold is higher and the proportion of silver correspondingly lower. That's why red gold appears a bit stronger in color than rose gold pieces.

Jewelry in rose gold

Whether worn everyday or on special occasions: pieces of jewelery in rose gold are extremely versatile and suit all skin types equally well. No wonder, then, that rose gold pieces are still in great demand among jewelry fans. Worn as a necklace, earring , bracelet or ring, rose gold jewelery can be combined in two or three colors with pieces in gold or silver tones and ensures an exciting look. Prefabricated tricolor jewelry like our trio ring conjures up a three-color eye-catcher on the ring finger. Rose gold jewelery with diamond trimmings provides the extra portion of shine and also underlines the diamond shine with its warm color tone. Not least because of its symbolic meaning, rose gold is also popular with urban heroines in wedding fever: Unlike white and yellow gold, which symbolize friendship and loyalty, rose gold jewelery should be a sign of true love. Pure romance!

Caring for rose gold properly

Proper care is important to ensure that the warm color shine of rose gold jewellery pieces lasts as long as possible. The good news: rose gold jewelry doesn't need any extra treatment. So you can take care of it just like jewelry made of white or yellow gold. With a gold cleaning cloth, you can make rose-colored pieces shine again. Can it be a more intensive cleaning? Then mix water with some mild detergent and put your rose gold treasures in for about 30 minutes. Then you can carefully remove dirt such as cosmetics and dust with a soft toothbrush. Then just rinse under warm water and tada - your piece of jewelry looks like new.

Wondering what's the best way to store solid gold rose gold jewelry when you're not wearing it? Facts and tips are available in our jewelry storage blog article.

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