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Article: Sustainable jewelry made from recycled silver & gold - learn more about the sustainable, ecological materials produced socially responsible.

schmuck aus recyceltem gold und silber

Sustainable jewelry made from recycled silver & gold - learn more about the sustainable, ecological materials produced socially responsible.

Sustainable jewelry made from recycled silver and gold 

Are you a fan of sustainable products? Is your ecological footprint important to you? Then fine jewelry made out of recycled gold or silver is the right choice for you. Conventional precious metal mining is increasingly being criticized. Recycled materials are a real alternative. The materials used are not only ecological, but also produced socially responsible and best of all: you can use them over and over again. Let us explain.

More than just Grandma's tooth: Recycling silver and gold

Anyone can recycle precious metals such as gold or silver, even on a small scale. Your trusted jeweler melts down your unloved jewelry or even dental gold. And then it is time to create something new! This is very similar to the process jewelry labels that rely on recycled precious metals implement - only on

a larger scale. This is where so-called refineries come into play. Gold, silver and the like from industry and other sources are collected there, melted down and separated from unwanted residues. Tadaa! And the precious metals can be used again. To be honest, it's not quite that simple. But also not so complex that it can’t be done, thus having to rely on conventional materials.

Jewelry manufacturers like us at fejn buy these eco-friendly materials and breathe new life into them by making them into earrings, necklaces or rings.

Recycled Gold

Not all recycled gold was once a ring or bracelet. A significant part of the recycled gold comes from industrial use. More and more technical devices such as smartphones or televisions contain gold. If a device is sorted out, the gold can be reused. The use of recycled gold is not only good for the environment, but also the better ethical choice. After all, the mining of gold is always associated with child labor and horrible working conditions.

Recycled Silver

Cutlery, coins or even medical devices: silver is found in many products. The silver that is no longer used is extracted in different ways. Most often, scrap silver is melted down in a refinery and then resold. When new silver is mined, however, it is not uncommon for erosion to occur or entire groundwater areas to be permanently damaged. That is not cool!

Sustainable jewelry: This is how responsible consumption works 

For the sake of the environment, the use of recycled precious metals is essential. After all, the mining of gold and silver is a huge CO2 guzzler. Whereas when recycling silver or gold, compared to conventional mining up to 98 percent fewer emissions are discharged. This is wonderful! In addition, precious metals are a finite resource. The more we use the gold and silver that we already have, the longer future generations willbenefit. Sounds good? It is!

recycled gold and silver

Does it even have to be real jewelry?

In addition to the recycling aspect, there is also a lot to be said for buying real jewelry in general. In contrast to fashion jewelry, it outlasts every trend and accompanies you for a lifetime. In addition, the jewelry can be easily repaired if necessary and will not discolor. A genuine gold bracelet may appear expensive at first glance, but at second glance and if you consider its quality, it really isn’t at all.


Recycled precious metals – let's talk about quality!

Unlike other materials, gold and silver do not lose substance or quality during the recycling process. In fact, the quality of the materials is retained, cycle after cycle after cycle - for thousands of years. Even today we could reuse Cleopatra's opulent gold hangings and turn them into filigree fejn jewelry for every city girl. In this context, refineries also advertise certain certifications. This ensures that precious metals are processed free from contamination. Maybe your real jewelry has an eventful past too – who knows.

Can I afford jewelry made from recycled materials?

The gold and silver prices are always independent of the production method of the metals. So it doesn't matter whether a bar is made from recycled gold/silver or newly mined metal. While sustainable consumption in other areas of life often costs more, this cannot be generalized concerning
real jewelry.

6 reasons to choose recycled gold and silver

Too much information at once? No problem. These are the 6 most important things to know:

  1. Good for the environment: jewelry made from recycled silver and gold is resource-friendly and emits significantly fewer emissions
  2. Make new from old: New life is breathed into old gold or silver. Recycled precious metal has a history.
  3. Ethically correct: You oppose child labor and poor working conditions.
  4. Sustainability for the win: Your purchase is a choice for responsible consumption.
  5. Best quality: Recycled gold and silver are of high quality and are in no way inferior to products made from conventionally mined materials.
  6. Best value for your money: The price for a bar of recycled gold or silver is no higher than for the conventional alternative.

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