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Article: Rings that don't rub off: tips for long-lasting jewelry enjoyment

Ringe die nicht abfärben Tips

Rings that don't rub off: tips for long-lasting jewelry enjoyment

Before the evening care routine, it's time to take off your jewelry! This also includes taking off beloved rings . But wait, what is that?! There is a greenish-dark shimmering imprint where the ring sat on the finger during the day. Your piece of jewelry has rubbed off! But why is that actually the case? Why do some rings stain and how can you prevent annoying signs of wear on your fingers? Rings that don't rub off: do they even exist? fejn explains it! In this article you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about ring staining .

Why do rings stain?

First things first! The questions that every jewelry lover has probably asked themselves at least once: “Why do some rings stain?” and “Which rings stain?” Well, unfortunately the answer to this question is as simple as it is frustrating: When rings stain, it is often because they are made of inferior materials or have been improperly processed. But, none Panic: Even though these two options are definitely among the most common causes, they don't always have to be the reason for staining. We take a closer look at possible causes:

  • Nickel-containing alloys:
    As a frequently used alloy metal, nickel is often found in jewelry such as rings. Unfortunately, the substance is known to cause allergic reactions in some people. And these are exactly what can cause greenish-black spots to form on the skin after wearing them. Do you have a nickel allergy and are wondering which jewelry is suitable? Then take a look at our blog post on the topic! By the way: At fejn you can rely on the high quality jewelry. Our silver jewelry meets all important EU regulations that strictly regulate and control the use of nickel.

  • Coated or galvanized rings:
    If rings have a thin layer of zinc or another coating, this can chip or wear off over time. This in turn leads to the underlying material being exposed - the ring stains.

  • Chemical reaction with the skin:
    Yes, you read that right! Because our skin can also cause our favorite rings to rub off. Why? Quite simply: the pH value and the chemicals that are naturally found in our skin can react with the jewelry metals. It already happens: the ring turns blue, another ring turns black or the ring turns green.

  • Inferior quality or counterfeit materials:
    We had already teased it: Unfortunately, cheaply produced jewelry and fake imitations often contain inferior materials that tend to leave unsightly traces of color on the skin. Rings that do not rub off, on the other hand, impress with their high-quality selection of materials.

  • Lack of care:
    This factor may surprise many jewelry fans: Even high-quality jewelry can stain if it is not properly cleaned and cared for. It is therefore worth following our care instructions - which we have put together for you further down in the article. People who don't like cleaning are often punished with unsightly streaks on their skin.

What to do to prevent rings from staining

Well, now you know why some rings rub off. But which rings don't stain, how do you recognize them and what can you do to prevent the discoloration from occurring? We have put together some tips to help you enjoy a mark-free ring wearing comfort:

  • Pay attention to high-quality materials:
    When shopping for rings, it's best to choose high-quality precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum. Thanks to their chemical stability, finger jewelry made from these materials is more often rings that do not rub off . At fejn, we only use high-quality recycled precious metals and zirconium ceramics to make rings.

  • Avoid rings that contain large amounts of nickel:
    Not only if you have an allergy, but also if discoloration occurs frequently, you should avoid wearing rings that contain a higher nickel content if possible.

  • Check authenticity:
    If available, take a look at the ring's certificate of authenticity. Especially with expensive pieces of jewelry, you should make sure that the quality of the materials used actually minimizes the chance of discoloration.

  • Pay attention to processing quality:
    Take a close look at newly purchased rings. Their appearance provides information about the quality of the workmanship. Rings with sharp edges or rough surfaces are more susceptible to abrasion and discoloration.

  • View customer reviews:
    If you're looking for a new, non-marking ring online, it's worth taking a look at the product reviews. Customers share their experiences there and you can find out before you buy whether the ring tends to rub off.

With the right ring care you can prevent discoloration

Regardless of the quality of the ring, proper storage and care are crucial to prevent discoloration and extend the life of your piece of jewelry. If you follow the following tips, you can enjoy your favorite rings for a long time without leaving any traces:

  • Clean rings regularly
    Clean your rings regularly with mild soapy water and a soft brush. Avoid using aggressive cleaning agents or abrasive materials that could damage the ring surface and thus promote discoloration.

  • Avoid contact with chemicals
    Keep your rings away from chemicals. When you're cleaning the house or doing your makeup routine, it's better to take off your rings.

  • Remove rings regularly
    It is better to take off your rings when exercising, swimming or jumping into the pool. Sweat and moisture can cause reactions with the jewelry material. And these in turn may promote discoloration.

  • Proper storage
    To avoid scratches and oxidation, you should store your rings as airtight and protected as possible. Jewelry boxes or bags, for example, are suitable for this.
    Extra tip: We deliver the jewelry box with most fejn orders!

  • Inspect rings regularly
    It's best to look at your finger jewelry regularly and carefully. If you notice discoloration or marks that indicate increased wear or chipping of the coating, these may be reasons for wear marks on your finger.

Rings that leave an impression - no color

Our excursion into the world of rings proves that whether rings rub off or not is not just a question of jewelry quality. Proper care and material are also important! Anyone who chooses high-quality rings and cares for them properly can look forward to rings that do not rub off and can be worn for a long time. Unsightly shadows and greenish streaks? Not with fejn!

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