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Article: Which color goes with gold?

Welche Farbe passt zu Gold?

Which color goes with gold?

Gold jewelry is a timeless classic that makes our outfits shine with its warm shine. But which color goes with gold and how can the rich tone be best combined? Whether it's your skin type, the combination with other accessories or your choice of clothing: in this blog post we'll tell you exactly what your gold jewelry goes particularly well with!

Which skin type suits gold?

The rich glow harmonizes perfectly with darker complexions: here, gold enhances the warm undertone of the skin and gives it a completely natural and luminous glow. The combination looks lively, full and harmonious. But people with lighter skin tones don't have to feel left out either. For cool complexions, gold can provide a striking accent and sophisticated contrast. A real eye-catcher! Ultimately, gold complements every skin type! Whether you personally like it or not is purely a matter of taste. If you're unsure about it, just try it out. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with it!

Gold in combination with other precious metals

Silver? Rose gold? Which color goes best with gold? And should you combine the radiant jewelry with other precious metals? We'll tell you!

Combining gold and silver jewelry

Do gold and silver go together? A hundred years ago, this question would have been answered with dismay. But hey, we live in the 21st century. In other words: The days when gold and silver were strictly separated are long gone! So you don't have to choose between gold and silver jewelry. Nowadays, mixing and matching the two precious metals is expressly permitted. The answer to "Which color goes with gold?" is quite clearly: "Silver!" The combination creates an exciting contrast and gives every look a very special touch. A gold ring on the finger and a silver bracelet on the arm? Or skillful chain layering in gold and silver? We love it! Feel free to experiment with the different combinations and find out what suits your individual style best.

Combine rose gold and gold

Rose gold also goes well with gold. The two shades are made for each other and can be wonderfully combined. The interaction creates a sophisticated aesthetic and a harmoniously fresh look. Whether it's a casual everyday outfit, professional business dress or chic evening wear: the combination of gold and rose gold is absolutely versatile. You can't go wrong with this! So dare to go for it and just mix it up!

But what about the delicate shade of pink itself: Which colors go with rose gold? You can find all the important information in our blog post Who looks particularly good in rose gold?

Which color goes with gold: tones for your outfit

Pink, black, green or grey? What goes with gold? The rich shine of our gold jewellery goes with a wide range of clothing colours. Depending on the combination, looks can be created from natural to classy to exciting. So, which colour goes with gold ? Here are the answers:

Gold in a classic combination

Which color goes best with gold? Traditionally, black and white clothing is often complemented with gold jewelry. Do gray and gold go together? Of course! You can also combine gray and gold. The warm glow of the gold creates a great contrast with the neutral colors. The combination always ensures an elegant and timeless look with a touch of glamour. Perfect for every occasion!

Gold and warm colors

And what about warm colors? Here you have several options: How about brown, olive green or beige, for example? Thanks to their warmth, the earthy tones harmonize naturally with gold. This creates a pure look with a glamorous accent.

Gold and pastel colors

If you combine gold with pastel colors, you get an elegant, fresh and feminine look. Whether lilac, light blue, mint or rose: the subtle tones are refined in a chic way with matching gold jewelry. Clear, pure and glamorous. Simply beautiful - especially in spring and summer!

Gold and bold colors

Hand on heart: What color goes with gold if not blue? It is the complementary color: gold looks wonderfully harmonious with blue! Combining blue and gold: yes please! A little insider tip (which isn't so secret anymore): navy blue and gold always work. The perfect match! Do you prefer green or red? That's fine too. The strong colors complement gold jewelry perfectly. This creates a chic contrast that creates a striking and eye-catching look.

Which color goes with gold

Gold and striking colors

Do you want a particularly bright, modern and eye-catching look? Good news: The question " What color goes with gold? " can also be answered with bright pink, purple, turquoise or - particularly bold - yellow. Well, with bright tones and neon colors you need to be sensitive: if you overdo it, the look can quickly appear restless. However, when used skillfully, the combination of gold with eye-catching colors creates a look with a radiant wow effect. Who dares?

Which color goes with gold? Many!

Which color goes with gold ? The truth is: There is not just one, but many colors that go with gold. The radiant, warm shine is simply versatile! This applies to your skin tone as well as to combinations with other jewelry. You can also be creative with your outfit and combine your gold jewelry with a variety of clothing colors. So, what are you waiting for?

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