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Article: Jewelry storage for necklaces - this is how you keep them safe and secure

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Jewelry storage for necklaces - this is how you keep them safe and secure

Now let's be honest: How often have you struggled with untying a tangled chain or freeing it from other pieces of jewelry? Probably not just once, right? But don't worry, you're definitely not alone. That's why we're specifically devoting this article to the question of which jewelry storage is suitable for necklaces and will also tell you why it's generally worth paying attention to carefully storing your favorite shiny pieces.

Jewelry storage chains: because they're worth it!

By storing them correctly, you can ensure that your shiny favorites last for a long time and always sparkle beautifully. Due to their shape and delicate craftsmanship, gold or silver chains quickly suffer minor damage: they can become tangled, knotted, get scratched or, if things go really badly, even break. Of course, when you buy your chains, you should make sure that they are made from high-quality material and professionally handcrafted . But that's not all!

Only by using the right jewelry storage for necklaces can you really ensure that you avoid unpleasant defects etc. as best as possible. On top of that, the loving treatment is a clear sign of appreciation for your high-quality real jewelry pieces - and that's exactly what they deserve. Do not you think so?

Storing necklaces – tips in advance

When storing jewelry for necklaces , it is important to consider some basic aspects to maintain their beauty and quality.

Avoid direct sunlight and unnecessary contact with air! Both lead to unsightly discoloration and material changes. Moisture is another factor that can affect the beauty of your necklaces. Therefore, always store them in a dry place. Storing jewelry for necklaces in the bathroom is an absolute no-go - even if it's just for a short moment. Better safe than sorry! After all, we only want the best for your masterpiece!

To avoid knots, you should always hang or place your chains individually, at a small distance from other chains. A padded lining or cloth also helps prevent scratches and damage and protects the surface of your chains. And should something happen to your chain? Then you can repair the good piece yourself step by step or use our exclusive repair service .

Chain organizer: the practical use for the drawer

Are you not a fan of leaving jewelry hanging out in plain sight, but prefer to store it well organized in a safe place? Then practical organizers, such as inserts for your drawer, could be the storage method of your choice! The inserts offer particularly space-saving and clear jewelry storage for necklaces . This also protects them from the sun, unnecessary contact with air and moisture. Thanks to the compartments and divisions, you can sort your treasures however you like - for example by color, style or value. This not only creates a clear order, but also looks really nice in the end! With this jewelry storage for necklaces, it's best to make sure that it has a soft surface or, if necessary, put some fabric or cotton wool under it yourself. Padded jewelry boxes or soft Furoshiki cloths also find space within the organizer. This protects even the most sensitive chains from scratches and other damage.

Jewelry box: Store necklaces like a princess

Anyone who likes that certain princess feeling when storing jewelry for necklaces is particularly well advised to use jewelry boxes and jewelry boxes. Not to mention the recurring moment of joy when we open our little treasure chest and find all of our beautifully sparkling necklaces inside! On top of that, thanks to their aesthetics, jewelry boxes are a wonderfully decorative element that skilfully complements your dresser, dressing table or closet. But jewelry boxes and caskets not only make our urban princess hearts beat faster, they also provide particularly safe jewelry storage for necklaces : ideally, they have well-padded compartments and drawers in which you can safely place your necklaces. In addition, such boxes are usually lockable and therefore protect the jewelry from oxidation through contact with air.

Jewelry stand: stylishly display chains

Do you want your chains to adorn not only your neck, but also your four walls? Then jewelry stands are of course also an option for jewelry storage for necklaces . However, caution is advised with this storage option: high-quality real jewelry in particular should always be stored as airtight as possible - otherwise it can oxidize and tarnish. So it's better to only use the popular eye-catcher among storage options for costume jewelry or for short storage, for example when you want to change. Otherwise, we advise you not to store high-quality jewelry in this way.

Do you still want to use a jewelry stand - simply to create a small decorative eye-catcher with your costume jewelry? Then you can consider a few things to make chain organization easier. For example, make sure that the jewelry stand is high enough and has enough hanging solutions for your fashion necklaces. Otherwise the chains will quickly become tangled. Also, place the necklace jewelry storage in a location that is protected from both strong sunlight and moisture. Both can damage your chains.

Make your own chain holder – DIY ideas for a personal touch

Would you rather make your own jewelry storage for necklaces ? Very good! Because there are many great ideas that creative craft heroines can easily implement themselves. We have put together three inspirations:

DIY idea 1: Your framed jewelry storage for necklaces

If we frame pictures, why not our jewelry? Said and done! Simply use a simple, portrait-format wooden frame and attach it to a sturdy cork wall - for example with a hot glue gun. In order to close the jewelry storage for necklaces , we need a wooden plate in the appropriate frame size or a glass window: You can then attach a small knob to it for opening and closing. With two hinges, the front can be attached to the frame in no time. Pro tip: You can ensure particularly airtight storage with a thin magnetic strip or closure!

You then simply hang the whole thing on your wall. You can then attach your necklaces to the cork wall with nails or pins - depending on the weight of the jewelry - according to your taste. Of course, there are no limits when it comes to designing your jewelry storage for necklaces : you can leave everything as it is or use bright colors and paint the front and frame in your favorite colors. And if you're not a fan of cork, you can also use thicker cardboard or solid foam as an alternative. Either way, you are guaranteed to have fun every time you open your little jewelry frame or see your beautiful necklaces through the glass window!

DIY idea 2: Your natural decorative branch

A jewelry branch is perfect for anyone who likes to achieve a particularly decorative and minimalistic-natural look when storing jewelry for necklaces . Simply look for a nice, slightly thicker branch or buy one at the hardware store (little tip: birch branches look particularly stylish). You can then hammer nails into the wood at regular intervals or screw in small hooks - your jewelry will be hung on these later. In any case, make sure to leave enough space so that your chains don't get tangled later. And then you grab a rope, which you tie to the two ends of the branch and use this to attach your beautiful decorative branch to the wall with a hook or large nail. Whoosh, you've created your own jewelry storage for necklaces ! But be careful: When it comes to high-quality real jewelry, you should only use the jewelry branch as a short-term storage, not as permanent storage. After all, we don't want your favorite shiny necklaces to tarnish! And if the branch looks too empty this way, you can simply fill it with costume jewelry or other accessories, such as hairbands.

DIY idea 3: Jewelry storage for necklaces in a glass

Glasses are a wonderfully creative and quite stylish way to skillfully display your necklaces and store them safely. Plus, the whole thing is done really quickly. All you need is a few nice jars with airtight lids, such as preserving jars or screw-top jars. Bottles are also suitable. Ideally, the vessels are at least as high as your chains are long - or even a little higher, then the result will look particularly cool! If you have enough jars, all you have to do is attach one, two or three hooks to the inside of the lid. How many hooks you use is ultimately a matter of taste, but it's better to keep it minimalistic so that the chains don't get tangled. Now hang your favorite pieces on the hooks and screw on your jewelry storage for necklaces . Complete! Of course it looks pretty chic even with a glass. It becomes particularly eye-catching when you place several glasses next to each other or stack them on top of each other. Just try it out!

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