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Article: Repairing chains made easy - this is how you can do it

Kette reparieren einfach gemacht - so gelingt es dir

Repairing chains made easy - this is how you can do it

Timeless, delicate chains like our fejn jewelry necklaces are meant and made to last forever. Because they are made from high-quality materials and sustainable precious metals , they are absolutely robust. Nevertheless, it can of course happen that you unhappily get caught in a zipper with the chain , get caught somewhere, for example when brushing your hair, and your favorite item breaks. Now it's time to repair the chain . Annoying - but doable. In this blog article we explain how you can repair your silver or gold chain yourself, what it takes if you want to repair jewelry in general and what options there are if the situation seems almost hopeless.

How to repair a gold or silver chain?

Preparation and helpful supplies are everything when repairing high-quality jewelry. After all, the repair should bring your favorite part back to its usual condition. We explain to you in which three steps and with which tools you can ideally repair your chain .

1. Preparation

For a jewelry repair, you first need good light and ideally a lighted magnifying glass. Also, have a dark surface ready as a work surface and use jewelry pliers and tweezers to repair the chain . Cleaned pieces of jewelery are best repaired, as the view is not obstructed by contamination. Have everything ready so that you don't have to get up to repair the chain in between. Because: With such delicate work, you shouldn't have to stop in between.

2. Heat chain

So that the material can be bent more easily, have a hair dryer ready. Especially if you want to repair real silver or gold jewelry, it is helpful to warm up the jewelry a little before repairing it. But be careful: it must not get too warm under any circumstances, as this will deform it unnecessarily and make it difficult to repair the chain .

3. Repair broken chain

If a link in the chain is broken, take a close look. You will see a small opening through your magnifying glass. Carefully open the chain link at this point by holding it with tweezers and gently bending it open with the pliers. Put it back in its original place. Now you can carefully press it together again with the pliers. It's that easy to repair your chain. But be careful: you need a sure instinct here - not that you leave unsightly indentations in the soft precious metal when working with the jewelry pliers.

It can be useful to squeeze the surrounding chain links together a little as well. They too have often suffered a small amount of damage when they are torn and are a little too open. With this tip you will ensure that the chain repair will not be necessary again so quickly.

Untangle knotted chains

Everyone knows the problem: when taking off the chain in the evening, the filigree chain links become knotted. The first tip is to take it off carefully: always lay your necklaces out so they don't get tangled in the first place!

And if the chain links do get knotted, carefully place the chain on the work surface and grab two pins. Instead of using your fingers, use the pins to untangle the knot. You can easily pierce the knot and carefully pull the chain apart. Easy and no more waiting game!

Repair chain lock

Especially when the clasp of your chain has to be repaired, it gets challenging. Of course you can also try to do this yourself. If the clasp is bent open and practically torn off the link, the same steps apply as for repairing the chain links. However, if the small hook to open the clasp has fallen out or broken off, you probably won't be able to avoid a new chain clasp. Repairing the chain clasp is out of the question here! Then it may be worth buying a new clasp and putting it on the links of the chain - as described above. Here, however, it is crucial whether your chain consists of links at all, or is perhaps threaded onto a chain band. Before you buy a new chain clasp or give up repairing a chain too soon, take a good look at the chain under the magnifying glass.

Repair silver or gold chain: fejn jewelry does it

Is all of this too complicated for you and you want your favorite piece to be in top condition in any case? Or does your chain simply have a defect that you cannot fix yourself? Then you should leave the chain repair to professionals and have your silver or gold chain professionally corrected. At fejn we offer a repair service for all our jewelry. Of course we can also repair your beloved bracelet or necklace.

You can also send us your jewelry - we will take care of your jewelry repairs with peace and love. As you know, we are absolutely against throwaway mentality! That's why we are absolute professionals when it comes to chain repairs . Please send us an e-mail to with the following information: name of the buyer, order or invoice number, photo of the piece of jewelry to be repaired, brief description of the repair request. You will then receive an offer from us for jewelry repairs. Let us repair your silver or gold chain - very simple.

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