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Article: Combine gold and silver jewelry - Here's how! - fejn jewelry

Gold und Silberschmuck kombinieren - So gehts! - fejn jewelry

Combine gold and silver jewelry - Here's how! - fejn jewelry

Fashion minds differ on this topic: some feel that combining gold and silver jewelery is an absolute “no go”. Others love the mix of precious metals. But what is correct now? Can you combine gold and silver jewelry ? One thing is clear, the same applies to the world of jewelry: You do you. Anything that pleases is allowed. So of course it's totally okay if you want to combine gold and silver jewelry . It doesn't matter whether it's chains , earrings , rings or bracelets in different colors - the gold-silver trend has continued to strengthen in recent years and even made it onto the red carpets of this world. We reveal what you should pay attention to when combining jewelry so that the duo look is perfect.

Combining gold and silver – this is something to consider

How you combine gold and silver is up to you. Urban heroines who like to wear many pieces of jewelery at the same time can really rock the duo trend by combining gold with silver . But minimalist jewelry statements can also be made wonderfully with the combination of silver and gold. In order for the statement look to succeed, however, the basic rule is: It's all in the mix! Therefore, when choosing the pieces of jewelry, you should first pay attention to the size combinations. Larger statement pieces in one metal color are best paired with minimalist designs in a different color.

Silver and Gold: Focus matters

So that your look doesn't look too overloaded, focus on earrings or necklaces in the head area instead of both at the same time. It is best to combine eye-catching earrings with less eye-catching chains in gold and silver and vice versa. As you like! For a special look, you can combine different jewelry materials with each other as well as pieces with different surface structures and styles.

Layering trend with different materials

The layering look, for example, lives from the combination of different chains and materials: Depending on the chain size and length, you can combine two to five chains made of gold and silver without the style looking too overloaded. You can also combine gold and silver jewelery in the hand area: With the so-called "ring layering" or "ring stacking" you combine different ring sizes and widths on one or more fingers.

Ringlust: combine gold and silver on your finger

Whether on top of each other or next to each other: carrying gold and silver together is also possible within reach. The gold-silver ring look is particularly exciting when the jewelry is not worn symmetrically, but on different fingers of both hands. Last but not least: If you want to combine silver and gold in the hand area, it is best to focus on bracelets or rings - otherwise the look can quickly appear overloaded.

At fejn we are also fans of the perfect Earcandy look! Depending on the number of pierced ears, creoles , ear cuffs and ear studs in gold and silver combined with one another ensure an exciting and stylish appearance.

Sustainable color mix

By the way: combining gold and silver jewelery not only looks chic. At fejn you can live out the trend with a clear conscience. Because we only use recycled gold and silver for the jewelry production. If you want to learn more about our ecological materials and fair production methods , take a look at our blog post.

Mix gold and silver? Yes, please!

Can you mix gold and silver? By now you know that the answer is clearly “YES”. Combining silver and gold not only describes a trendy jewelry trend - there is another advantage. Because the mix of the two materials also allows you to wear all your favorite pieces together - no matter what color they are. This is how you keep creating new looks that go perfectly with every occasion and outfit. Yay!

Combine jewelry – rose gold meets silver

Combining rose gold and silver? But of course! These two precious metal tones also harmonize perfectly with each other. The duo jewelery look is particularly delicate and elegant. If you wear rose gold and silver in combination, you provide that certain something in terms of jewelry. Whether in the office, for the date night or the perfect leisure look. Happy matching!

Last but not least: Even if there are almost no limits to the combination of gold and silver, you should better avoid wearing rose and yellow gold at the same time. The two gold tones often harmonize less well with each other than gold and silver. But of course, the same applies here: Wear what you like!

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