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Article: Who looks particularly good in rose gold?

Wem steht roségold besonders gut

Who looks particularly good in rose gold?

Rose Gold: An elegant and feminine shade that has become increasingly popular in recent years. But who actually looks particularly good with rose gold ? In this blog post we get to the bottom of this question! We'll also tell you everything you need to know about the warm gold tone and give you tips on how to best showcase it.

What is rose gold anyway?

Before we address the question Who does rose gold suit?” Let's first take a quick look at what the precious metal is all about. In principle, it's very simple: rose gold is an alloy of gold, copper and silver. The copper content gives the gold its characteristic pink tint. The higher the copper content, the redder the color becomes. That's why rose gold is available in many different shades: from delicate to strong. The exact proportions of gold, copper and silver vary depending on the manufacturer, the piece of jewelry and the desired color intensity.

If you would like to find out more about the creation of rose gold, please take a look at our blog post Rose gold - that is what lies behind the elegant gold tone .

Small but subtle difference: red gold and rose gold

In addition to rose gold, there is also red gold, which is also an alloy of gold and copper. However, the copper content in red gold is significantly higher than in rose gold. This makes the color much stronger. Compared to rose gold, it appears much warmer and more intense.

Rose gold for your skin type: Who suits rose gold?

While we usually have a clear idea of ​​what suits us when it comes to gold and silver, rose gold tends to leave a question mark in our minds. Who suits rose gold in terms of skin type? The answer to the question should be pleasing: rose gold is considered a true all-rounder that suits both cooler and warmer complexions.

For urban heroines with warm skin undertones, which are often yellowish or golden, rose gold creates a completely natural harmony. Your skin tone is subtly emphasized by the soft pink tones. For people with cool skin tones that have a slight purple or blue shimmer, rose gold creates a beautiful contrast. The pink nuances also add a pleasant touch of warmth. The perfect symbiosis!

Rose gold: color for a variety of styles and occasions

Who suits rose gold and what does rose gold suit? Here too the answer is pleasing. Because: rose gold can be seen in a variety of styles and occasions! The warm and gentle nuances give every outfit a subtle elegance and ensure a beautiful finish - whether in everyday life or on special occasions.

For everyday life, rose gold is ideal as a complement to casual and relaxed outfits. For example, the color adds a certain sophistication to a simple look consisting of a T-shirt and jeans. Especially eye-catchingly designed accessories in rose gold, for example those from our the edgy collection, make a fashion statement. For the office, however, subtle rose gold is an optimal choice. The delicate pink accessories from our collection the delicate underline every business outfit with their pure and minimalist chic: clear and trendy, but without being intrusive. Rose gold is also a great choice for festive occasions. Whether it's a wedding, birthday party, anniversary or company party: rose gold gives evening and cocktail dresses an extra touch of glamor and femininity! Our tip: Pieces from the urban collection fit wonderfully here.

Which colors go well with rose gold?

Who does rose gold relate to when choosing a dress color? One thing is certain: the pink shine can be used in many different ways. Rose gold harmonizes with a number of colors and can be combined in a particularly versatile way. Whether delicate pastel colors, strong colors or classic black and white tones: rose gold (almost) always fits stylishly into the overall picture.

Rose gold and pastel colors

Pastel colors like lavender, peach, light blue and mint green combine well with rose gold. The delicate nuances of these shades complement the gentle undertones of rose gold and give the look a feminine and romantic touch. The combination appears light, playful and fresh.

Rose gold and bold colors

With strong red, blue and green tones, however, rose gold sets a special accent. The combination with the deep and vibrant colors gives every look an unmistakable expressiveness. The overall picture appears even brighter and stronger.

Rose gold and earth tones

Earthy tones such as brown, beige and khaki harmonize naturally with rose gold. They complement the warm undertones of rose gold and thereby create a well-rounded overall picture. The look appears particularly balanced thanks to the combination.

Rose gold and neutral colors

Rose gold creates a strong contrast with neutral colors such as white, gray and especially black. It gives the neutral tones a warm nuance and a striking expression. This high-contrast mixture appears particularly edgy, clear and strong.

Be careful with bright colors

Although rose gold is an all-round talent, there are exceptions: tact is required, especially in combination with bright tones and neon colors. The motto here is: less is more. Otherwise, the combination can quickly appear restless and disrupt the overall look.

Rose gold to gold or silver: is that possible?

Who does rose gold suit and does it suit me if I already wear gold or silver jewelry? A valid question! Especially since for a long time the rule was to only wear jewelry in a metal tone. But we say it like it is: times have changed. Fortunately! After all, many urban heroines these days love to wear several shades of metal at the same time. And rightly so. The combination can look damn cool and is absolutely popular in today's fashion world. By individually mixing gold, silver and rose gold, wonderfully stylish looks are created that underline our very own character.

It is and remains important not to overdo it. Less is more! Otherwise there is a risk that it will be too much and therefore overloaded. Especially if you are new to the matching business, it may be advisable to focus on two metal colors first. Which two tones we choose depends on the desired effect: If we combine rose gold and silver, a modern and clear color arrangement is created. On the other hand, if we combine rose gold with gold, a warm and rich mixture is created. It is also recommended to wear the different metal tones at different heights. This keeps the look chic, timeless and balanced.

However, how subtle, conspicuous or bold you are when happily mixing and matching is entirely up to you. Ultimately, the way you combine them reflects your personality and expresses your individuality. The most beautiful combination is still exactly the one you personally like best.

Who suits rose gold? Just test it!

As you can see, rose gold is a truly versatile shade that every urban heroine can use individually. So the question is not Who does rose gold suit?” , but simply: Who wants rose gold? Just try it out! It's worth it and maybe rose gold will even become your new favorite shade.

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