creole simple hoop gold XS S M getragen creole simple hoop silber S

simple hoop - XS / S / M / L

From €19,00
satin flat hoop - M / L satin flat hoop - M / L

satin flat hoop - M / L

From €29,00
gemstone hoops gemstone hoops

gemstone hoops

From €39,00
gedrehte creole twisted hoops gold getragen gedrehte creole twisted hoop gold XS

twisted hoop - XS / M

From €34,00
tiny double ear cuff tiny double ear cuff

tiny double ear cuff

From €19,00
satin ball stud satin ball stud

satin ball stud

From €24,00
bold hoops - S / M bold hoops - S / M

bold hoops - S / M

From €34,00
mini hoops shiny mini hoops shiny

mini hoops shiny

From €19,00
satin disc stud satin disc stud

satin disc stud

From €29,00
twisted hoop - XS / M twisted hoop - XS / M

twisted hoop - XS / M

From €34,00
mini hoops satin mini hoops satin

mini hoops satin

From €19,00
ball ear cuff ball ear cuff

ball ear cuff

From €19,00
tiny stud tiny stud

tiny stud

From €19,00
gemstone pendant gemstone pendant

gemstone pendant

From €12,50
shiny ball studs shiny ball studs

shiny ball studs

From €24,00
Creole open hoop nachhaltig aus recyceltem Sterling Silber open hoops

open hoops

From €29,00

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Earrings by fejn jewelry – clean design for every occasion

Studs, earrings, creoles, ear cuffs: ear jewelry is diverse - just like every single person who wears it. Like all our other jewelry, fejn ear jewelry is sustainably made. We focus on fair conditions, fair terms and recycled material - for you, others and our environment. So decorate yourself our ear jewelry, gold or silver shimmering, with a clear conscience. Jeans, shirt or classic business look - our modern ear jewelry conjures a look out of every outfit. Here you will find wonderful ear jewelry for urban fashion heroines.

Buy modern earrings

We don't sell just any silver earrings or regular gold earrings. We make minimalist earrings, delicate stud earrings, fashionable creoles, trendy ear cuffs and helix earrings. With us, you can buy your sustainable earrings online and have them shipped directly to your home. And tada! Our clean genuine jewelry is already with you.

Modern earrings made of silver or gold?

Golden ear jewelry is always a good choice. Whether in everyday life, in business or in the evening with a drink in the bar. Gold is classy and timeless. Gold really suits every occasion. Ear jewelry in gold tones is especially suitable for warm skin tones. We love gold especially in summer, because the skin then gets a special glow. But also in winter, for example, to earth tones, the noble material is suitable because it seems pleasantly soft and warm. Our gold plated silver ear jewelry is covered with 24K recycled yellow gold or rose gold. The solid gold jewelry is made of fully recycled 14K gold and is stamped 585.Silver ear jewelry has a long tradition. As far back as ancient Greece, women adorned themselves with lavish silver earrings. Today, silver jewelry is an all-rounder and looks especially noble with dark colors. Silver creoles with a black turtleneck sweater - clean, classy and simply chic. Silver makes a statement, but depending on the size of the piece of jewelry, it is less noticeable than yellow gold and goes better with cooler skin types in particular. Our 925 sterling silver used is also fully recycled.

Which earrings are trendy?

Whatever pleases is permitted. Nevertheless, our jewelry pieces are always oriented towards minimalist, timeless design and thus emphasize the natural charisma in a pleasantly unagitated way. We focus on an urban style, on sustainable earrings and stud earrings that last as long as possible and do not go out of fashion. Of course, you can wear all our ear jewelry to match the latest trend. Ear Clips, also called Ear Cuffs, which are attached to the ear without a hole, are just as trendy as so-called Curated Ears. In the latter trend, the ear is literally decorated with many ear studs and / or creoles to a work of art.

Earrings matching the shape of the face: what suits me?

Yes, the shape of your face can also influence which ear jewelry suits you best. If you have a rather oval face shape, you are lucky. Actually, any kind of ear jewelry suits you. Women with a slightly rounder face shape should avoid large creoles, because they make the face look wider. Plugs and elongated eye-catchers, on the other hand, visually narrow the face. Heart-shaped faces are made for large creoles, because the rather pointed chin looks so wider. Oval and drop-shaped earrings visually soften angular face shapes. Try out what you like best!

Proper care for sustainable earrings

Our ear jewelry is made from high quality recycled materials. They don't need much. But of course they will stay beautiful for a long time if you take care of them. The best way to do this is to use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth to gently wipe your ear jewelry after wearing it. Put on your earrings, studs and co. in any case after styling. Hairspray, perfume and creams can unnecessarily attack even the very best materials, making them stick together and taking away their shine.And what if it tarnishes, my ear jewelry? Silver tarnishes over time, this is perfectly normal. Store your ear jewelry in an airtight container if possible. A small jewelry box ensures that your ear jewelry does not get too much air. In contact with the air, silver oxidizes and turns black. Here, a silver polishing cloth or a special silver polishing solution is suitable to help the jewelry to old shine. If your gold-plated jewelry tarnishes, special gold cleaning cloths are suitable. You can simply rub off satin jewelry with a standard eraser.

Earrings for sensitive skin

Especially with ear jewelry: costume jewelry causes allergies in many people. Nickel is often contained in silver-colored jewelry. This is a cheap material that is easy to produce. However, many people are allergic to nickel. Their skin reacts with redness and swelling, especially around the ear hole. Therefore, for health reasons, you should always choose genuine silver or gold ear jewelry. Our jewelry is made of high-quality materials - recycled silver and, depending on the model, gold-plated accordingly. Of course, all metals used in our earrings are nickel-, lead- and cadmium-free and therefore absolutely skin-friendly. In the respective product description of the ear jewelry you will find a corresponding material description.

Helix earring: An edgy eye-catcher

They are not only in, they are quite indisputably always an eye-catcher: Helix earrings. They are back from the 90s - and with full power. Helix earrings are available as studs or as earrings. The term helix here simply refers to the location at the top of the cartilage area of the ear. The helix earring is also not an earring or plug in the classic sense, but a piercing in the so-called helix fold. We at fejn always offer the round ear jewelry optionally as a pair or single hoop. Singles are best worn as a helix. Unlike the classic helix piercing with a complicated piercing closure, we use ear stud closures. The anti-helix, also called forward helix, is pierced through a small cartilage fold and placed opposite the helix fold. Whether as a ring or a plug, helix earrings can be wonderfully combined. The helix earring is also popular with the so-called curated ear trend. More is more! And yes, this works also and especially with our minimalist pieces.

Bet on high-quality helix earring

The Helix earring is a cartilage piercing that heals comparatively slowly. If you wear a plug, your piercing will usually heal within eight weeks. If your piercing is actually a ring, the healing time can be many times longer. It is therefore all the more important, even when changing from medical jewelry to a new Helix earring, to rely on high-quality genuine jewelry. This is the only way to avoid inflammation. Like all of our jewelry, our Helix Ear Cuffs are made of high-quality recycled precious metals and are especially gentle on the skin. By the way, Ear Cuffs are a great alternative if you can't yet decide on a permanent piercing with a Helix earring. Here you simply clamp the ring to the ear.