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Recycle Sign This jewelry piece is sustainably manufactured with recycled precious metals.
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Color: Gold (14K)
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pure - solid - glamorous

Small little mini hoops made of recycled 14K Gold. Shiny and filigree. You can easily open or close them by bending them to the right or left side.

Did you know matching designs are available in our the glamorous collection.


Thickness approx. 0,9mm
Diameter (inner circle): 

Each of our jewelry is made by hand and from recycled precious metals - learn more about it here.

Solid gold - yellow gold or rose gold
Our 'solid gold' jewelry is made from 14 karat, fully recycled yellow or rose gold and is stamped 585. The solid gold makes them extra durable and high quality. You can wear our solid gold jewelry pieces everyday and night and they dont mind contact with water.

Laboratory grown diamonds
We use only ethical, laboratory grown diamonds. Learn more about the production and quality of these gemstones here.

Our versatile creoles come in different sizes - perfectly thought out to combine them great with each other.

Size Inner diameter
XS / Huggie / Mini 8 - 10mm
S 12 - 14mm
M 18 - 20mm
L 30mm

Our fejnen jewelry pieces are handmade with great attention to detail. So that you can enjoy it for a long time, please follow our care tips:

  • Store the jewelry as airtight as possible, for example in the small jewelry box that we include with the purchase of most products. The real silver will oxidize (turn black) when it comes into contact with the air. This can be easily cleaned: with a special silver or gold cleaning cloth you can quickly make your jewelry shine again.
  • To avoid other chemical reactions and discolorations, please do not bring your jewelry into contact with creams, cosmetics and perfumes. It is also better to avoid contact with water for the longevity of the products.
  • Especially our gold-plated jewelry requires careful handling. Because, unfortunately, gold plating wears off over time, so we strongly recommend following our care instructions for longevity.

Has your piece of jewelry has a defect, faded or broken while wearing? No problem, here you will find all information about our repair service.

Customer reviews

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Catherine Vlcek
Discreet and always suitable

Very fine and pretty earrings. Have worn them non-stop since she arrived. So far they're holding up quite well, although I haven't completely closed the gap, only when I play around with them do they easily come out of the ear hole. I would say it's more for long-term wear, I wouldn't recommend it for daily weight loss because of its delicacy. Feel like they might become brittle or bend.

Hello dear Catherine,

Thank you very much for your open feedback!

The hoop earrings have a minimalist design and therefore have no clasp, but they withstand bending very well :)

One more note: The hoop earrings should be opened and closed by gently bending them sideways. Please only bend them sideways to keep their shape. Please do not bend forwards and backwards, because then the creole could actually break. And don't worry, because gold is a high-quality and flexible precious metal and can therefore be bent without any problems.

You will also find illustrative pictures on our website, as well as an explanatory film on our Instagram page - I can also send you the links.

Feel free to try this again, and if it doesn't work, please contact me at: and we can find a solution :).

Many greetings,

Kea by fejn

Very beautiful but delicate

Great little hoop earrings, but I'm afraid they'll bend or even break if you bend them open a lot...

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