10% of our income goes to Terre des Hommes - why sustainability is more than just a word for us!

Minimalist jewelry is the flagship of fejn jewelry, but we stand for more than beautiful, sustainable jewelry. Our four cornerstones and ethical values ​​also shape the company’s work every day. In addition to the use of recycled precious metals and environmentally friendly packaging, these guidelines include environmental protection and responsible manufacturing. These values ​​are not just words on paper, but guide us in everything we do.

Why is gold and diamond mining so harmful?

Ethical and fair conditions, as well as an environmentally friendly production chain, start at the origin of our jewelry: in the extraction of precious metals and diamonds.

Gold and silver mines, as well as diamond mines, are not only known for having a serious impact on the environment.
Working conditions in mines around the world are often intolerable. People, including children, work in dangerous conditions without receiving adequate protection or fair pay. Basic human rights are often violated.

“Blood diamonds” in particular often finance armed conflicts and human rights violations. The trade in such diamonds has devastating effects on the affected communities and the stability of entire regions.

We go one step further

At Fejn Jewelry, we have been using recycled precious metals since the beginning to reduce the demand for newly mined resources and thus minimize the environmental impact. In addition, we use laboratory-grown diamonds and ensure that all our employees and suppliers in the production chain respect and uphold human rights. Nevertheless, a general rethink in the jewelry industry is more urgent than ever.

Our goal is to give beauty with a clear conscience.

Our responsibility does not stop with the manufacture of our products. That's why we decided to donate 10% of our income to Terre des Hommes this weekend.


Terre des Hommes is an organization that works to free children from gold, diamond and mica mines in India and several African countries such as Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. They take care of their physical and mental health and ensure they receive a decent education.

Our contribution to Terre des Hommes is a small step in this direction, but together with your support we can make a big difference.