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Article: Jewelry trends 2024 - fejn shows the current must-haves

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Jewelry trends 2024 - fejn shows the current must-haves

The year 2024 is just around the corner, and with it comes not only new fashion trends, but also fresh ideas for sustainable jewelry. More and more people are paying attention to the origin of their accessories and the ecological footprint they leave behind. In this blog post, we take a look at the sustainable jewelry trends that will shape 2024 and discover how we can enhance our personal style with eco-friendly options.

KEEP YOUR JEWELRY CLOSE: Chokers and huggies

In 2024, it's all about keeping your jewelry close to you - literally. Choker necklaces and huggie earrings are not only fashion statements, but also real eye-catchers because they direct the eye to the most beautiful thing: you!
Because they are close to the neck or ear, these pieces of jewelry become personal companions that not only emphasize your own style, but can also be used in a variety of ways.
Both pieces of jewelry can be classic, like the satin huggies , or they can bring a little more glamor into play, like the diamond huggies and the tiny diamond choker.

diamond huggies

SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS: A touch of color in pearls and real gold jewelry

The days of monotonous jewelry are over – 2024 will be colorful! Colorful accents in pearls and real gold jewelry give every outfit that certain something. You can choose colorful semi-precious stones and pearls that are fairly sourced or produced without harmful chemicals. Particularly individual? Our Season Pearls, because no matter whether you are more of a summer , autumn or winter color type: we have the right pieces of jewelry for you! These colorful treasures are not only an expression of individuality, but also give every look that certain something.

CONTRAST: Monochrome looks with black-and-white jewelry

Black and white – a timeless combination that has already made a comeback in the jewelry world in 2023. Timeless elegance is determined by the contrasts of black and white stones, which can be combined in many ways. Filigree necklaces, such as the Baguette Necklace in Sparkle or Black , are suitable for minimalist chic, while a baguette ring enhances casual looks. For special occasions, however, the Black and White Memory Diamond Ring provides a luxurious touch.

black and white jewelry looks

Expression of responsibility and style

2024 promises not only fashion innovations, but also a focus on sustainability in the jewelry industry. From choker necklaces to colorful pieces – the upcoming trends allow everyone to emphasize their personal style without losing sight of the environment.

The fact that we recommend sustainable consumption to you is nothing new.
With a growing selection of environmentally friendly materials and designs, fejner jewelry will continue to be an expression of responsibility and style in 2024.

Sustainability and individuality will continue to be the most attractive things in the coming year.

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