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Article: Sustainable pearl jewelry: fejn jewelry donates to PLANT MY CORAL

Nachhaltiger Perlenschmuck: fejn jewelry spendet für PLANT MY CORAL

Sustainable pearl jewelry: fejn jewelry donates to PLANT MY CORAL

Last year we significantly expanded our range of pearls and launched new bestsellers for you, such as the Summer Pearl Necklace. We are pleased about the great success and popularity of our pearl jewelry, but it is just as important to us to take our responsibility towards the environment seriously. With your help, we would like to continue to make a positive contribution and strengthen our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

That's why we want to share some exciting news with you today: starting now, we're not only committed to planting trees through our partnership with PLANT MY TREE, but we're expanding our mission by branching out into the sale of women's beaded jewelry for restoration of coral reefs in Thailand - with PLANT MY CORAL.

Why plant corals?

Every other time we breathe, that breath comes from the ocean, as much of the carbon dioxide passes through the marine carbon cycle. As a byproduct, 50% of our oxygen is lost. The corals form the backbone of these natural processes in the ocean.
This makes coral reefs the “rainforests of the seas”. They regulate the climate by absorbing and storing CO2 from the atmosphere, just as trees reduce CO2 emissions.

Coral reefs protect shorelines and marine life

But coral reefs don't just contribute to oxygen supply.
They protect coastlines from extreme weather events such as storms, tsunamis and hurricanes and act as a natural barrier, absorbing the energy of waves and reducing the impact of storm surges.

In addition, coral reefs are among the most biologically diverse ecosystems on our planet. They provide safe haven, feeding and breeding grounds for a variety of marine life, from fish and turtles to crabs and sharks and thousands of other species. Without coral reefs, many fish and marine animals would not be able to survive and the entire marine ecosystem would fall into serious imbalance. This makes it one of the most valuable ecosystems in the world!

PLANT-MY-CORAL restores coral reefs

50% of the world's corals have already died due to warming oceans. In the Seychelles, for example, it is even 90%. The reason is climate change and human intervention.

PLANT-MY-TREE®, with whom we have been working since the beginning, is expanding its commitment internationally - together with specialized partner organizations. Coral reefs need help to cope with warming oceans, which is why they are now propagating heat-resistant corals. These form the basis for a restored reef and for the restoration of complex ecosystems.

PLANT MY CORAL collects small fragments of coral (5 to 10 cm in size) and raises them on ropes in the water. The coral fragments remain in this “underwater nursery” for 9 to 12 months. When the corals have reached a sufficient size, they are transplanted into the sea and form the basis for a new reef.

From now on, we support this work with every purchase of a piece of pearl jewelry in our production country of Thailand. Not only are you buying an ecological and sustainable piece of jewelry, but you are also making a significant contribution to improving the local ecological conditions.

The first coral schools were created last year and we are very pleased to be able to support the creation of many more together with you.

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