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Article: How is sustainable jewelry actually produced? – Sustainability meets tradition and modernity

Wie wird eigentlich nachhaltiger Schmuck produziert? – Nachhaltigkeit trifft auf Tradition und Moderne

How is sustainable jewelry actually produced? – Sustainability meets tradition and modernity

The fact that traditional jewelery craftsmanship abroad, high-quality design in Cologne and global, responsible action are not mutually exclusive is a basic requirement for fejn jewelry in the production of new pieces of jewellery .
At fejn jewelry, these basics apply to both silver jewelry and jewelry made of real gold. The production of jewelry from both precious metals differs only minimally.
What's more: selected, high-quality pieces of jewelry are only made to order at fejn jewelry and are therefore even more sustainable! Yay- this way we will work even harder in the future to ensure that no resources are wasted and overproduction is avoided.

An example of this is our new stunning engagement rings. The three different 14-karat real gold rings are designed using the latest technology and are handmade in Thailand using traditional goldsmith art.
We explain you how!

From state-of-the-art technology to perfect manual work

  1. Before a jewelery model can be made, an idea becomes a first draft for a fejn-classic, minimalist piece of jewelery in Cologne.
  1. The sketch is then reproduced on the computer using the latest technology and finalized in a digital drawing.
  1. A 3D wax model is created from the digital drawing, which serves as a sample.
  1. The final wax blank is coated with plaster and a plaster mold is created for the piece of jewellery. If several pieces of jewelery are to be produced at once, there is the possibility of creating so-called wax trees with several blanks placed next to one another.
  1. Now a piece of jewelery can be made to order at any time. To do this, the recycled and melted gold alloy is poured into the plaster mold. In the case of silver jewellery, high-quality 925 sterling silver is poured into the plaster mold and then gold-plated.
  1. Once cooled, you get a piece of jewelry that is then finely ground and polished with lots of love and traditional craftsmanship.
  1. For our engagement rings, laboratory-grown and flawless diamonds are set in the setting, which is also done entirely by hand.
  1. Finally, the finished piece of gold jewelery is hallmarked ' fj 585 ' to indicate its 585 gold alloy (corresponds to 14 carats), or ' fj 925 ' for sterling silver.

This is followed by the climate-neutral shipping to Germany, a final check by us and then your jewelry is ready for you to pick up or ship.

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