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Article: Gold or silver jewelry – which jewelry is right for me?

Gold und Silberschmuck

Gold or silver jewelry – which jewelry is right for me?

Am I more of a gold or silver type ? Which jewelry suits me ? Every jewelry lover has probably asked these questions at least once. But is it always necessary to decide between gold or silver jewelry ? And how can urban heroines find out whether they are more of a gold or silver type ? Although choosing the right jewelry color for earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings is very personal and should underline the wearer's individual style, there are some facts worth knowing about choosing the right jewelry color. So that you no longer have to ask yourself the question of which jewelry suits me , let's take a closer look.

Choosing a dress: What color goes with gold?

Which color of clothing actually goes with gold? You may have asked yourself this question a time or two when looking into your closet. So that your outfit and your choice of jewelry harmonize perfectly with each other from now on, here is the answer.

So what goes with gold? Gold tones radiate warmth and elegance. That's why they go particularly well with warm, earthy or red colors, such as burgundy or olive green. But the warm gold shine also comes into its own particularly well in combination with strong jewel colors such as emerald green or sapphire blue. If you combine gold with the colors mentioned above, it creates warm and sensual accents in your look that appear mysterious and timeless at the same time.

And what color goes with silver?

What goes with silver, makes the material shine and gives it a special shine? As a cool precious metal tone, silver provides a modern radiance. The colors that silver goes best with are also rather cool. Blue, purple and turquoise – in combination with silver they are a real “match made in heaven”. Rather cool-looking pastel tones such as light pink or mint green are also particularly effective with silver jewelry accents. With these color combinations you are guaranteed to create a cool, elegant look.

Gold or silver type? Here's how to find out!

Apart from choosing the right clothing, questions like “Which color of jewelry suits me?” and “Do I like gold or silver better?” some jewelry fans. And these can be answered regardless of the outfit. In this context, the gold or silver type is often mentioned. Your skin tone actually plays a crucial role in determining your precious metal match. Who suits gold jewelry? In general, it is said that people with a darker, warmer skin tone should prefer gold jewelry. And who suits silver jewelry? Pale skin types with cooler undertones are best advised to wear silver jewelry. Gold or silver jewelry suits these skin types particularly well and can even make the skin look more beautiful. For example, silver can help make skin redness less noticeable.

But anyone who fears that they would prefer the “wrong” jewelry color for their skin type can breathe a sigh of relief: Because of course the “rules” surrounding the gold or silver type are not absolute. Gold jewelry can also make light skin shine wonderfully, as long as the overall look is right. The same applies to silver fans with warmer skin types. Because in the end, your personal preferences determine whether you choose gold or silver jewelry . Anything you like is allowed!

By the way: Nomads who want to be on the safe side when it comes to matching skin types or who can't clearly tell whether they are more of a gold or silver type can simply choose rose gold pieces. This precious metal tone suits all skin types perfectly.

Combining gold and silver jewelry – is that possible?

Combining gold and silver: What was once considered an absolute no-go has now established itself as a jewelry trend. Particularly good news for everyone who asks the question “Do I like silver or gold?” cannot or do not want to answer clearly for themselves. In today's fashion world, combining gold or silver jewelry is simply part of it. So much so that there is now also jewelry in a bicolor design. So you definitely no longer have to choose between gold or silver jewelry, but can combine gold and silver jewelry - yay! If you want to wear gold and silver together, just make sure to choose pieces that subtly harmonize with each other when putting together your look. In our blog article on combining gold and silver jewelry you will find more tips about the stylish trend.

We note: The choice between gold or silver jewelry and whether you are the gold or silver type ultimately depends not only on your skin tone or your favorite clothing colors, but above all on your personal preferences. So always ask yourself: Which jewelry suits ME? Gold or silver jewelry: Whether you choose the warm gold shine, the cool silver look, or simply both is completely up to you! And that's the beauty of it: In the jewelry world, there are no strict rules when it comes to styling gold or silver jewelry for different types and styles.

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