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Article: Which jewelry goes with the wedding dress? - fejn jewelry

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Which jewelry goes with the wedding dress? - fejn jewelry

Which jewelry to wear with your wedding dress? fejn reveals it!

The wish of all brides: Everything should be perfect on the most beautiful day of their lives. Of course, this also includes a flawless look. And it doesn't just apply to the dress - brides also want to shine when it comes to jewelry on their big day. Jewelry for the bride in silver or gold is particularly popular. The search for the perfect pieces of jewelry can quickly become just as big a challenge as dress hunting itself. Particularly important: The wedding jewelry should look harmonious and stylishly round off the bride's outfit. But what is important and what styling tips should you keep in mind? If you are wondering what jewelry goes with your wedding dress , here is the answer.

Jewelry for the bride – this is what you should pay attention to

When deciding which jewelry goes with your wedding dress , the dress itself plays a crucial role. While you can enhance a simple, elegant dress with eye-catching wedding jewelry, delicate and accentuated pieces can enhance more elaborate dresses with beaded or lace trim. A clean wedding look with a jumpsuit relies on statement pieces that make the elegant look really festive. Also important: The jewelry color should harmonize with that of the wedding dress (or jumpsuit).

Because brides know: white is not always white! Although the difference between different shades of white often seems minimal, the right choice of bridal jewelry ultimately determines how harmonious the overall look is. The color of the wedding dress influences which jewelry goes with the wedding dress . Wedding dresses in pure white or natural white, for example, are particularly effective with silver accessories. Warmer dress tones such as eggshell or ivory benefit from wedding jewelry in warm precious metal tones such as gold or rose gold.

Does bridal jewelry have to be subtle?

Less is more! This also applies – or especially – to the perfect bridal look. Because an overloaded selection of wedding jewelry can distract from the dress and not seem harmonious. If you have said “yes to a dress” with lots of decorations or pronounced lace trim, it may make sense to resort to minimalistally designed pieces of jewelry. If your dream outfit is classic and clean, there is more scope for statement jewelry. The motto or the planned setting of the wedding can also influence your choice of bridal jewelry. When it comes to the question of which jewelry goes with the wedding dress, the wedding location also plays a role. While a beach wedding and the matching look can benefit from simple and natural jewelry elements, an urban wedding can also be more elegant and elaborate in terms of jewelry.

Nevertheless, on your big day it still means: You do you! That's why the accessories combined with the dress should above all correspond to your taste and underline your personality. Regardless of whether it's subtle bridal jewelry, bridal jewelry in gold or bridal jewelry in silver: the following tips can help you create the perfect look for you and find out which jewelry goes with the wedding dress .

The perfect bridal necklace

Are you thinking about complementing your wedding dress with a matching necklace and creating an eye-catcher near your décolleté? When choosing the ideal bridal jewelry chain, the neckline often determines which chain goes with which dress.

V-neck wedding dress

Are you wondering which jewelry goes with a wedding dress or jumpsuit with a V-neck? If you wear a piece of clothing with a deeper V-neck on your big day, longer chains - for example with pendants - emphasize the look. Our length-adjustable ornament necklace, for example, conjures up a sophisticated detail in the middle of your chest. Or how about an individual necklace pendant that bears the initials of your true love? Stylish Y chains such as our individually adjustable chain necklace, which is up to 50 cm long, the Y necklace or the figaro Y necklace also underline the V-shaped neckline and ensure a harmonious interaction between the wedding dress and the necklace.

Wedding dress with a round neckline

If you have fallen in love with a wedding dress with a classic round neckline, shorter bridal jewelry chains with or without a pendant detail are particularly suitable because they emphasize the balanced silhouette of the round neckline. Necklaces with edgeless details, such as our small circle necklace , round off this bridal outfit perfectly - in the truest sense of the word. The heart necklace provides a romantic, playful jewelry detail that fits perfectly with the wedding feeling. The structure of your dress is highlighted by elaborate lace or rhinestone trim? Then minimalist necklaces without pendants are a stylish alternative. How about, for example, our high-quality plain necklace made of solid gold?

Strapless wedding dress

Strapless wedding dresses are also popular among urban heroines who want to get married. If your wedding dress design is strapless, the exposed cleavage leaves plenty of room for jewelry accents. In this case, it can be a little more in terms of jewelry. With elegant statement pieces or various necklaces, worn in a trendy layering look, you can create the right eye-catcher moments. How about, for example, an elegant combination of our tiny diamond necklace , the satin disc necklace and the link chain necklace ?

Earrings for the wedding dress

Whether you focus on a necklace or earrings as the focus pieces depends on your personal preferences and the design of your dress.

If you would like to complement your necklace selection with matching, rather simple earrings, we have good news! Fejn has the right ear counterpart for many of the necklaces mentioned above. For example, the satin circle stud fits perfectly with the small circle necklace. A sparkling addition to the tiny diamond necklace is the diamond huggie or the triple diamond stud .
If the dress is high-necked in the décolleté area or its structure is determined by rhinestones, lace or pearl trimmings, many brides decide against wearing a necklace. Wearing additional necklaces can quickly appear overloaded. In this case, the bridal look can be emphasized by large (statement) earrings. Our hoop earrings with elegant pendants such as the diamond hoop charms or the tag hoop charms ensure a wow moment on the ear without stealing the show from the wedding dress.

A bracelet for the big day?

All eyes on... your hands! The highlight of every wedding: the ceremonial exchange of rings. This tradition puts the bride's hands in the foreground. If you don't want to go without arm jewelry on your big day, make sure that the accessories you choose match the rest of the jewelry ensemble as well as your wedding or engagement ring. Delicate bracelets like our tiny diamond bracelet or the satin arm cuff complete the bridal look and are particularly elegant with sleeveless or short-sleeved wedding dresses.

Pearls for a wedding – a no-go?

When it comes to the question of which jewelry goes with a wedding dress , many people agree: pearls don't work at all! But where does this assumption come from? This is due to an old superstition that says that each pearl worn at the wedding symbolizes a tear that the bride will shed during the marriage. This claim is most likely due to the fact that obtaining pearls was a rather dangerous undertaking in earlier times. The pearls lying deep in the sea were collected by divers and transported to the surface of the water. Things are different today because pearls are cultured. Same with fejn. The freshwater pearls we process all come from a sustainably managed farm in the Andaman Sea. So, superstition or not: We think that pieces like our pearl necklace or the pearl hoop perfectly underline the delicate color of wedding dresses and ensure a timelessly beautiful look.

By the way: The negative association surrounding pearls worn at weddings only exists in Germany. In other countries, the dazzling treasures are even considered a good luck charm for the big day. Which assumption you prefer to believe is entirely up to you.

Bridal jewelry? Yes I do!

It's not just deciding which jewelry goes with the wedding dress that isn't easy for many brides. Finding the perfect wedding rings can also be a challenge. Because as a symbol of the lifelong connection between you and your favorite person, they should be one thing above all: unique! With the individually manufactured, sustainable wedding rings from fejn, you are not only making a statement about your love, but also about an environmentally conscious lifestyle. You can find out more about this in the blog post about sustainable wedding rings.

We note: There is no universal answer to the question of which jewelry goes with a wedding dress . In addition to your personal preferences, the design and color of your dream dress also play a role. If you follow a few basic rules, the jewelry you choose will complement your dress perfectly and make your bridal look shine. With our feminine jewelry selection, you also make a responsible statement for Mother Nature. Here comes the bride!

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