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Article: Who looks particularly good in gold jewelry?

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Who looks particularly good in gold jewelry?

Gold jewelry is probably a must-have for every jewelry lover. Whether made of solid gold or gold-plated, a warm gold tone looks classy, ​​elegant and graceful. But who actually looks particularly good in gold jewelry? And in which cases is silver jewelry the better choice? We'll be looking into these questions today! But let's get one thing off our chest: Gold jewelry looks particularly good when you enjoy wearing it.

Which type suits gold jewelry?

In principle, of course, any jewelry lover can wear fine gold jewelry. But the question still remains: Who looks particularly good in gold jewelry? Gold jewelry is ideal, especially in everyday life, for people with a warm skin undertone and reddish-blonde, brown or black hair. The reason for this is that the warm precious metal tone picks up these color nuances perfectly and creates a harmonious overall look. Eye color also plays an important role. Gold jewelry looks wonderful, especially with green or brown eyes.

What role do skin undertones play in gold jewelry?

All skin has a base color, regardless of skin color (light to dark). This is the so-called skin undertone. This remains constant and does not change even when you tan. A distinction is made between warm, cool and neutral skin undertones. In relation to the question " Who looks particularly good in gold jewelry ?", the following applies: Gold jewelry is recommended for warm skin undertones, while silver jewelry is recommended for cool skin undertones. A neutral skin tone tolerates both precious metals equally well. You can find out more about different skin types and how to determine the skin undertone in our article about skin color types .

Which colors to combine with gold jewelry?

Every look is only perfected by choosing the right jewelry. But sometimes it is not so easy to choose the right pieces. Do the gold hoop earrings go with my dress or should I go for the silver huggies ? If you are always wondering who suits gold jewelry and when it is the best choice, you will be interested in these rules of thumb:

Warm clothing colors, such as beige, brown or coral, are a perfect match for gold jewelry. And even if you prefer earthy tones like olive or terracotta, yellow-gold jewelry is on point. With red and orange tones, it depends. If these are warmer, then gold jewelry is best here too. Otherwise, silver jewelry would be a better choice.

If you prefer monochrome black or white, both gold and silver jewelry can look great. The more important thing here is the style you want to achieve. Gold with white looks classic and elegant. Gold with black offers a particularly classy and contrasting look. You can find out more about the possible combinations in our guide: Which color goes with gold?

Gold or silver: the agony of choice

Who suits gold jewelry and when is silver jewelry the better choice? We've already told you in which cases gold is your best choice. But of course there are also some basics to consider when it comes to silver jewelry. So if you're still unsure whether gold jewelry suits you best, remember: silver jewelry is ideal for people with cooler skin undertones and blonde to ashy hair, as well as for blue and gray-eyed people. Because: the cool facets of silver combine with the hair and skin tones and create a well-rounded look that is absolutely suitable for everyday use.

When it comes to clothing, cool meets cool. Cool blue, violet or green as well as subtle grey or bright pastel colours love silver jewellery. If you combine white or black with silver, you get a modern, edgy look.

Are you confused by the question: "Who suits gold jewelry?" Or are you simply unable to decide? Of course, gold and silver can also be combined in the trendy bicolor style. You can find out more about different combination options for both precious metals, from clean to extravagant, here: Combining gold and silver jewelry .

Which jewellery colour suits me? Our Golden Five

Are you still unsure who suits silver and who suits gold jewelry? Or would you simply like to have the most important things summarized in a compact form? No problem. Here are our five golden rules that are guaranteed to help you answer the question "Who suits gold jewelry?" in every situation.

  1. Warm hair and eye colors go best with gold.

  2. Gold jewelry also looks particularly good on warm skin undertones.

  3. Gold jewelry looks elegant and is particularly suitable for festive occasions.

  4. Silver jewelry looks more modern and ideal for everyday wear.

  5. The color(s) of your clothing should also match the jewelry. Or the other way around.

If you keep these rules of thumb in mind, nothing can go wrong. Who suits gold jewelry? From now on, you know!

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