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Article: Skin color types: Which jewelry suits you?

Hautfarben-Typen: Welcher Schmuck passt zu dir?

Skin color types: Which jewelry suits you?

Do you love jewelry, but sometimes you don't know which metal tone best matches your skin tone? No problem! In this blog article, you'll learn everything you need to know about skin color types and how to choose the perfect jewelry to underline your look. And, spoiler: Actually, every precious metal goes with every skin color - it's all about the right combination.

What are skin color types?

Skin color types are a helpful classification of different skin tones that helps you choose the jewelry that best highlights your natural beauty. In fashion, a distinction is generally made between four skin types: light, medium, olive and dark. This classification also takes into account the skin undertone, which can be either cool, warm or neutral. But of course that doesn't mean that there are only four skin colors. Skin colors are at least as multifaceted as our jewelry. And your personal style is even more multifaceted! So always choose the jewelry that you simply like best and that best suits your individual skin color type .

Light skin color type

Do you have light skin? In this case, you would particularly like silver or white gold jewelry, as these precious metals harmonize wonderfully with your often rosy or blue undertone and make your complexion shine. Our satin arm cuff made of recycled silver would be the perfect choice for a clean jewelry look for light skin. Are you wondering: does gold jewelry go with light skin? Yes, gold jewelry can also look great, especially if you combine it with pastel-colored stones. The colored baguette ring is the perfect proof that light skin can also shine with gold jewelry.

Medium skin color type

Medium skin types often have golden or beige undertones. Silver, yellow and rose gold go well with this complexion. If you prefer a clean look, try a combination of several metals. The trendy bicolor style gives a modern and elegant look. Combining gold (or rose gold) and silver is no longer a no-go. The fejn bicolor ring set combines two precious metal tones in a minimalist way. All you have to do is decide between the rose gold and silver or the silver and gold version.

Olive skin color type

Olive-colored skin? Gold and rose jewelry is perfect. Olive-colored skin usually has green or yellowish undertones. Precious metal colors are a good choice here, as they really make the skin shine and create a warm, elegant overall look. Real all-rounders for this skin color type are simple necklaces that simply round off any outfit. Take a look at our flat chain necklace or the medium circle necklace . Do you prefer silver jewelry? You do you! With this skin tone, it's best to make sure you combine warm clothing colors with silver jewelry.

Dark skin type

Dark skin types often have warm undertones that tend towards reddish or yellowish. Minimalist or striking gold jewelry looks particularly elegant here and makes the skin glow. For a clean look that works both during the day and in the evening, gold hoop earrings are a real must-have. Silver jewelry, on the other hand, can provide a great contrast. Silver pieces with striking details look particularly good on this skin color type .


Combination tips: Which jewelry color suits me?

Every skin tone type can (and should!) wear the jewelry that he or she likes. When perfectly combined, gold and silver jewelry looks simply radiant on every skin tone. Here are a few concrete tips that suit all complexions:

Clean and minimalist: Choose simple, elegant designs without a lot of frills. A clean bracelet or a delicate necklace always works and suits every skin tone type in both gold and silver.

Create contrasts: Combine warm and cool tones to create interesting effects. For example, wear a gold ring on one hand and a silver bracelet on the other. Pieces in the trendy bicolor look also set a strong accent.

Layering: Combine several chains of different lengths. This creates a modern look. A tip: choose a short, delicate chain with a longer, more eye-catching one. This is how the trend works particularly well.

Statement pieces: Always choose one eye-catching piece of jewelry and keep the rest of your look more understated. Striking earrings or a statement necklace can enhance your outfit in an instant.

Mix and match: Be creative and mix different styles. Whether it's a boho bracelet with a clean earring or a pearl necklace with a playful anklet. Sometimes the combination of particularly different pieces of jewelry looks great.


What type of jewelry am I? In the end, what counts is what you like!

Our jewelry made from recycled gold and silver is not only good for the environment, but can also be combined in many different ways. Whether you have light, medium, olive or dark skin - our collection offers the right piece for every skin color type . It is helpful to know your own skin color type in order to choose the right metal tones. But ultimately: whatever you like is allowed! You can't go wrong with our clean and minimalist jewelry. Just take a look around the fejn online shop and find your new favorite piece!

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