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single pearl necklace

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single pearl bracelet

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Pearl jewelry from fejn jewelry - noble, timeless and delicate

At fejn, the elegance of real freshwater pearls is combined with filigree jewelery elements made of gold and silver. This creates a look that makes the hearts of real urbanistas beat faster - filigree, special and minimalist. And best of all: As with every piece of fejn jewellery , we also focus on sustainability with our pearl jewellery . All processed freshwater pearls come from sustainable mussel farms. Whether as a necklace, ring or bracelet: all jewelry fans who like simple elegance are right with fejn's pearl jewelry. A whole category with pearl jewelry - we love it! Pearls are among the most classic pieces of jewellery. The good old pearl necklace: Ladies have loved it for centuries. How nice that pearls never go out of style and are a sign of style awareness and timeless fashion affinity.

Sustainable cultivation of freshwater pearls

Real pearl jewelry - does it even exist in a sustainable way? At fejn, the answer is quite clear: Yes! Because the freshwater pearls that we use to manufacture our sustainable, genuine pearl jewelry come exclusively from ecologically managed farms. The farms attach great importance to the fish stocks and regulate mussel farming. As a real gift from nature, pearls only grow when their environment is healthy and as untouched as possible.

Pearls always work and are beautiful to fall in love with

This is also the opinion of the magazine freundin, which awarded our pearl necklace with the Perfect Piece Award 2022. And we can't blame them, because this pearl necklace in gold or silver always works! The shimmering freshwater pearls with silver or gold-colored details and the corresponding clasp make the necklace a filigree eye-catcher. It is adjustable in length and can therefore be easily combined with other fejn necklaces.

If the pearl look can be even more reserved, the combination of pearls and precious metal elements is suitable, for example in the form of a filigree pearl bracelet in gold or silver: Our single pearl bracelet combines a fine chain bracelet with a single delicate freshwater pearl. The filigree ribbon works perfectly as a single piece of pearl jewelry or in combination with other fejn bracelets. For a glamorous appearance with subtle pearl power as a necklace.

Pearl necklace, pearl bracelet or pearl ring - sustainable, timeless pearl jewelry

Is real pearl jewelry even sustainable? At fejn, the answer is quite clear: Yes! Because the freshwater pearls that we use to manufacture our sustainable, genuine pearl jewelry come exclusively from ecologically managed farms. All cooperating farms attach great importance to fish stocks and regulate mussel farming. As a real gift from nature, pearls only grow when their environment is healthy and as untouched as possible.

So: go for it! With the gemstone hoop from fejn, childhood dreams of jewelry become a stylish reality: the subtle hoop earrings in gold or silver with two freshwater pearls are an unobtrusive eye-catcher that perfectly combines elegance and minimalism. Due to its reserved and at the same time special look, the pearl jewelery is perfect for all occasions - whether in everyday life or on a date night.

Pearl jewelry for special occasions – such as a wedding

Maybe you've heard it before: If the bride wears pearl jewelry on the wedding day, it's bad luck! Because each pearl symbolizes a tear shed during the marriage. In this country, this superstition persists to this day. In an international comparison, however, the Germans are pretty much alone with this assumption - because in other countries pearl jewelry bodes well for the bride. In India, for example, pearls symbolize a rich blessing of children. Brides should therefore wear a lot of pearls. If the bride in Greece receives pearl jewelry as a gift, this has a positive influence on the marriage.

Brides who are not inclined to superstition and prefer to believe the positive attributions of other countries can also decorate themselves with the deep-sea treasures on their wedding day. Admittedly, shiny white pearls always look fabulous with a wedding dress.

Proper care for pearl jewelry

In order for the pearls used in jewelery to shine for as long as possible, the water treasures should be properly cared for. Proper pearl care begins with storage. Because there are a few things to keep in mind when storing pearl treasures: Since ocean jewels scratch easily, jewelery such as a pure pearl bracelet or a pearl ring should be stored individually if possible. Because other precious metals can leave unsightly marks on the pearl surface. A jewelry case, for example, is suitable for storing different pieces of pearl jewelry separately.

Did you know that pearls are made of calcium carbonate and conchiolin? The protein is the main component of the outer skin of mollusks such as mussels. That's why pearls don't like strong heat at all. It makes the pearl surface brittle and dull. Excessive sunlight or other sources of heat should therefore be avoided when wearing pearls. Be careful when doing housework: Because pearls are natural products, they can be attacked by acids or alkalis in household products. Therefore, the same applies here: When beading, keep your hands away from the cleaning bucket!

But it's not just detergents that can attack the surface of pearls: human sweat can do the same. You should therefore gently remove sweat and cosmetics from your pearl jewelery with a damp cloth after each wear. Particularly interesting: Even if pearls come from the depths of the world's waters, they don't want to go back into the water after their "harvest". If the piece of jewelery does get wet, simply lay it out on a soft surface at room temperature to dry. The pearl jewelry stays radiant for a long time. By the way: the pearl's luster is referred to as "luster" and is the main criterion for determining the quality of jewelry. The smoother and shinier the surface of the pearl appears, the better.

Pearl jewelry - a long tradition

The history of pearl jewelery goes far back into the past: in the United Arab Emirates, research teams found pearl jewelery dating back to 5547 and 5235 BC. There are even myths surrounding Cleopatra: she is said to have dissolved a large pearl in vinegar and drunk the mixture. Pearl jewelry was very popular throughout antiquity and also among the Greeks and Romans. The most famous pearl "La Peregrina" was discovered in the 16th century on the Pacific coast of Panama and is still admired for its extraordinary beauty. Symbolically, the pearl is often associated with purity and virginity. In many cultures around the world, the pearl is also ascribed a deeper meaning: in China, for example, it is a sign of dignity, wisdom and wealth. In Japan, pearl jewelry stands for luck, in India it symbolizes having children.

But what about the pearl's importance and popularity today? While pearl necklaces or a pearl bracelet do not make men particularly happy in most cases, the treasure from the water is still popular with women. A timeless pearl bracelet? Ladies of the world love it! But when thinking about jewelry, images of chunky giant pearl necklaces and exaggerated beaded hangings often flash through the minds of modern urbanistas. So it's all the better that current trend developments have replaced the pompous pearl jewelery that was popular in the past with timeless, more delicate models. But what makes pearl jewelry modern - forever? The answer lies above all in the filigree and the material mix. Pearl jewelery like that from fejn combines precious metals such as gold and silver with pearl elements and focuses on a clean, simple design. The result is pearl jewelry that is suitable for everyday use and perfectly underlines the style of real city heroines. So it's definitely not too late to buy pearl jewellery!

Jewels from nature - how are pearls formed?

As a natural product, pearls originate from shells that live in the sea or fresh water. To this day, science has not been able to fully answer the question of how exactly they arise in nature. Previous theories assumed that a pearl only forms when a foreign object (such as a grain of sand or a parasite) penetrates the interior of the shell. So it was assumed that the mussel forms the pearl as a defense mechanism. In this assumption, beading serves to get rid of foreign objects and banish the potential hazard.

This natural mechanism is still used today in pearl farming: Small foreign bodies are deliberately introduced into the mussel to stimulate pearl production. This works in both salt and fresh water, because pearl-forming mussels are found in both types of water.

Experts now assume that the epithelial cells of the mussel take care of the production during natural pearl formation when they are carried into the deeper tissue of the mussel by parasites or other injuries. However, this theory has not been proven either.