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Solid Gold - fine gold jewelry

Experience timeless elegance with modern solid gold jewelry from fejn. With bracelets, necklaces, piercings or rings: our minimalist pieces are a real eye-catcher and add stylish accents to every look. At the same time, recycled materials are used in production. This makes the clean gold jewelry exactly the right accessory for environmentally conscious heroines who value true craftsmanship.

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Solid Gold simple hoops | solid gold - XS / S / Mschlichte Creolen recyceltes 14k Echtgold roségold
Solid Gold diamantring diamond ring solid golddiamantring diamond ring solid gold getragen
Solid Gold mini creolen echtgold glänzend roségoldmini creolen echtgold glänzend fejn
shiny mini hoops | solid gold Sale priceFrom €89,00
Solid Gold mini creolen recyceltes echtgoldmini creolen echtgold
satin mini hoops | solid gold Sale priceFrom €89,00
Solid Gold Halskette mit Diamantanhänger golddiamantkette tiny diamond necklace solid gold getragen
tiny diamond necklace | solid gold Sale priceFrom €329,00
Solid Gold runde Ohrstecker mit flachen Plättchen Echtgoldsatin dot stud | solid gold
satin dot stud | solid gold Sale priceFrom €129,00
Solid Gold Halskette mit flachen Disc Anhänger EchtgoldHalskette mit flachen Disc Anhänger Echtgold
Solid Gold schlichter Ring satiniert goldschlichter Ring satiniert roségold
Solid Gold Ohrstecker mit Diamant EchtgoldOhrstecker mit Diamant fejn
tiny diamond stud | solid gold Sale priceFrom €199,00
Solid Gold schlichter Ring glänzend recyceltem 14k Echtgold fejnschlichter Ring glänzend roségold 14k Echtgold
Solid Gold dezenter gedrehter Ring aus Echtgolddezenter gedrehter Ring aus Echtgold fejn
tiny twisted ring | solid gold Sale priceFrom €129,00
Solid Gold gedrehter ring 14k Echtgoldgedrehter Ring 14K Echtgold fejn
twisted ring | solid gold Sale price€169,00
Solid Gold mini-ohrstecker in kugelform - echtgoldmini-ohrstecker in kugelform - echtgold
tiny stud | solid gold Sale priceFrom €99,00
Solid Gold gedrehter Diamantring aus Echtgoldgedrehter Diamantring aus Echtgold fejn
Solid Gold Ohrstecker in Kugelform glänzend goldOhrstecker in Kugelform glänzend fejn
shiny ball stud | solid gold Sale priceFrom €139,00
Solid Gold gedrehte Creolen-Ohrstecker aus EchtgoldCreolen-Ohrstecker gedreht Echtgold
tiny twisted hoops | solid gold Sale priceFrom €149,00

Fine gold jewelry from fejn – delicate, elegant and unique

Timeless elegance meets sustainable sophistication: our fine gold jewelry is the perfect accessory for environmentally conscious heroines with a heart for chic design. Thanks to the delicate workmanship, our pieces fit every look and add the gold crown to your individual style. At the same time, ours embodies fine gold jewelry true craftsmanship and reflects our connection to people and the environment. We work with recycled materials and in this way set an example for style with responsibility. Whether on the arm, around the neck, on the ear or finger: with ours fine gold jewelry you're making a real statement that's worth seeing!

Your new real gold jewelry: modern gold plated or solid gold?

Gold is not just gold. In the fejn range you will find both solid gold jewelry and gold-plated favorite pieces. But what is actually the difference? In principle it is very simple: solid gold pieces are made of pure gold. They symbolize longevity, stand for great quality and have a particularly high material value. Our twisted diamond ring and single diamond ring are wonderful examples of this.

By gold-plated jewelry, however, we mean pieces that are covered with a high-quality gold layer - like ours, for example satin flat hoop Earrings or the puristic one single pearl necklace. These chic models are cheaper, but are still in no way inferior to their solid gold counterparts. Especially not with us! Because these stylish pieces of jewelry are all carefully handcrafted at fejn and made from high-quality and recycled precious metals.

Modern gold jewelry: genuine and made from recycled precious metal

A little glitter, glitter never hurt anyone? But! Gold, silver and other precious metals in particular are often mined under unfair working conditions. They also produce huge amounts of climate-damaging CO2 during production. We personally don't like that at all! Reason enough for fejn to use recycled precious metals.

The recycled material is, for example, old pieces of jewelry that were melted down. Some of it also comes from technical equipment such as televisions or cell phones. And there is a good reason for this: by reusing the materials, we make a significant contribution to a future-oriented circular economy. And: Recycling precious metals saves up to 98% of environmentally harmful emissions. A considerable amount! If you would like to find out more about this, please feel free to check out our Articles about recycled gold and silver read through.

Fine gold jewelry: It's all about proper care!

Did you know that beautiful real gold jewelry should be well cared for and cleaned regularly? No matter whether bracelets, necklaces, rings or piercings: the daily use of our favorite pieces sooner or later leaves its mark! Fortunately, you can always give your gold jewelry a new shine with a few simple tricks - for example, by gently cleaning it with an old toothbrush or using home remedies such as vinegar, baking soda or aluminum foil. If stubborn dirt needs to be removed, your trusted jewelry store will certainly be happy to help you.

In principle, however, it is better to be safe than sorry. To ensure that your gold jewelry always sparkles beautifully, we recommend that you always store it light and airtight and polish it regularly. This is how you ensure a lasting bling-bling level par excellence! You can find further important care instructions and tips in our Gold jewelry guide.

High-quality gold jewelry: a piece for every look

Which style do you feel most comfortable with? Pretty in black? Casual with jeans and a shirt? Or would you rather have a bright outfit with a lot of color? The great thing about our real gold jewelry is that it goes with every look! Thanks to the delicate workmanship and the timeless design, it always – really always – provides that certain something extra.

By the way, this also applies to the occasion! Whether office, everyday life or fancy dinner: with our ball huggies on the ears, that satin arm cuff around the wrist or that tiny diamond choker around the neck you give your look a special touch. What is very important to us: It's not about using gold jewelry to distract from you and your personality, but rather to skilfully underline it with the chic accent. It should be really authentic and real - as it should be for urban heroines.

Buy gold jewelry online – at fejn Jewelry

Would you like to buy high-quality gold jewelry that not only looks chic, but is also sustainable and lovingly handcrafted? Then fejn is your address! Our gold jewelry in rose, silver and gold stands for responsible style and gives every look a very special accent.

Not only incredibly beautiful gold jewelry awaits you in our online shop, but also a lot of important information about its creation and the material used. Detailed product descriptions and product photos will also help you make your purchase decision. And if you are dissatisfied, you of course have a 30-day right of return at fejn. Gold jewelry shopping is fun!