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Recycle Sign This jewelry piece is sustainably manufactured with recycled precious metals.
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Simple hoops for your everyday fashion statement. Available in different sizes from XS to L, easy and cool to combine.

Did you know matching designs are available in our the edgy collection.

Each of our jewelry is made by hand and from recycled precious metals - learn more about it here.

  • 925 Sterling Silver (recycled)
Yellow gold or rose gold
  • 925 Sterling Silver (recycled)
  • 18 carat gold plating (mostly recycled)

Freshwater pearls: our genuine pearls come from a sustainably managed farm in the Andaman Sea.

Semi-precious stones: all semi-precious stones used have been carefully selected and sourced under fair conditions. We use them in round or facet cut.

Cubic Zirconia: the high quality gemstones are artificially produced from the mineral zirconium, which occurs frequently in the earth and can be procured without conflict.

Our versatile creoles come in different sizes - perfectly thought out to combine them great with each other.

Size Inner diameter
XS / Huggie / Mini 8 - 10mm
S 12 - 14mm
M 18 - 20mm
L 30mm

Our fejnen jewelry pieces are handmade with great attention to detail. So that you can enjoy it for a long time, please follow our care tips:

  • Store the jewelry as airtight as possible, for example in the small jewelry box that we include with the purchase of most products. The real silver will oxidize (turn black) when it comes into contact with the air. This can be easily cleaned: with a special silver or gold cleaning cloth you can quickly make your jewelry shine again.
  • To avoid other chemical reactions and discolorations, please do not bring your jewelry into contact with creams, cosmetics and perfumes. It is also better to avoid contact with water for the longevity of the products.
  • Especially our gold-plated jewelry requires careful handling. Because, unfortunately, gold plating wears off over time, so we strongly recommend following our care instructions for longevity.

Has your piece of jewelry has a defect, faded or broken while wearing? No problem, here you will find all information about our repair service.

Customer Reviews

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Nadine Zeiler

Sehr schöne filigrane Creolen, die Lieferung ging schnell und die dazu bestellten Gemstone Charms sind wunderschön!
Leider ist der Verschluss alleine schwierig zu schließen und hat sich auch bereits einmal beim Tragen geöffnet.

Liebe Nadine,
vielen Dank für deine tolle Bewertung, das freut uns sehr.
Vielleicht hilft es, die Creolen von hinten durch das Ohrloch zu stecken und vorne zu verschließen? Nach unserer Erfahrung wird das Verschließen leichter, wenn man es ein paar Mal gemacht hat. Falls du weiterhin Probleme haben solltest, schreib gerne eine Mail an: Eine schöne Vorweihnachtszeit und viele Grüße, Amelie


Hatte keine Probleme mit dem Verschluss.

Frauke Freimuth
Ich liebe sie

Die Ohrringe sind wirklich wunderschön! Habe sie mir in xs, zusammen mit den Perlen Anhängern geholt und mich bereits beim ersten Anblick und Anlegen in sie verliebt. Der Verschluss ist wie bei allen dünnen Creolen etwas tricky aber wirkt hochwertiger als der meiner Vorherigen. Ein beigelegter Zettel mit dem handgeschriebenen Namen gibt eine schöne persönliche Note. Ich liebe sie und würde sie mir jederzeit wiederholen


Die Ohrringe sind wunderschön, ich muss mich aber der bisher genannten Kritik anschließen. Ich habe den Verschluss nur mithilfe einer Zange und einer weiteren Person zu bekommen. Außerdem ist der Größenunterschied zwischen XS und S ziemlich groß.

Hey liebe Sarah,

zuerst einmal: Vielen Dank für deine Bewertung und dein Feedback zu den Creolen!

Es tut uns wirklich sehr Leid, dass du mit dem Verschluss Probleme hast und du nicht zufrieden bist.

Melde dich doch gerne bei mir unter:, dann kann ich dir andere Modelle empfehlen, die einen anderen Verschluss haben.

Wenn du dieses aber nochmals ausprobieren magst:Ein Trick ist, den Verschluss nach vorne zu nehmen, damit man nicht hinter dem Ohrläppchen schließen muss sondern dann vorne wo man sich im Spiegel sieht.
Außerdem kann man den Steg ein wenig 'biegen', so dass er leichter in die Öffnung findet.
Das ergibt sich nach mehrmaligem An- und Ausziehen, dann wird es auch leichter.

Sag mir doch einfach gerne Bescheid, welche Option für dich passt :)

Viele Grüße,
Kea von fejn

die simple hoops in l...

...sind unfassbar leicht und wunderschön. einfach perfekt.

last seen

simple hoop by fejn jewelry – filigree and clean hoop earrings

Hoops without oops - with the filigree designed hoops from fejn you are always right. Whether it's a dinner date or a day at the office, our simple hoop earrings are stylish and unagitated, perfect for any outfit or occasion. And the best thing is: they can be combined especially well with each other or with other (ear) jewelry. Our creole is available in sizes XS to L, in different colors and as single or double version. No matter if you are a gold, silver or rose gold fan - urban heroines have a free choice.

Not only does the simple hoop look classy, it is also sustainably produced. Like all our filigree jewelry, we make the creole from recycled gold or silver and by hand. We place special emphasis on a small ecological footprint and social manufacturing. To achieve this, we buy eco-friendly and recycled materials from trustworthy sources and breathe (new) jewelry life into them. Because unlike other raw materials, gold and silver do not lose substance or quality in the recycling process. Want to learn more about fejn's use of recycled precious metals? Then check out our blog post on sustainable materials.

Hoop accessories - minimalist and special

Whether small creoles or large rings, easy hoop or creoles (silver or gold) with pendant: A creole always seems special, somehow magical and fascinate their wearers for thousands of years. Because who would have thought it: already in ancient Egypt hoop jewelry like the Creole was considered a symbol of beauty. In ancient Greece and ancient Rome, the Creole was also popular. There, it was primarily recognized as a status symbol and was also worn by men. Since the 1920s at the latest, hoop accessories like the creole have become an indispensable part of our jewelry boxes. Beyond their accessory character, gold creoles are considered a symbol of strength, identity and resilience in various Caribbean cultures. When paired with flowing blouses and simple updos, gold or silver hoop earrings make for an understated yet sophisticated everyday look. Got an office day coming up? Wear them with a blazer for a sophisticated look. You want something a little more extravagant? In no time at all you can create the perfect evening look with delicate hoop earrings and the "little black dress". When it comes to changeability, the small rings have it all - no wonder the Creole is so popular.

High-quality hoop earrings, large or small, as the perfect gift

filigree Creole the eternity - a meaning that is particularly appropriate in a gift for the dearest people. Also as a friendship earring, the simple hoop can be worn together and combined in different ways. For a discreet yet meaningful friendship statement that reminds you of each other every day. Gift-technically it may be still something more? Then look around in our gift category 30 to 70 €. Here we have put together the best jewelry gifts for you.

Hoop jewellery: take proper care of creole gold and silver

In order to enjoy your Hoop earrings for as long as possible, you should treat them with care. The right jewelry care contributes significantly to the longevity of your favorite accessories. This includes storing the minimalist creole as airtight as possible. This can be done, for example, in the small jewelry box that we provide upon request with the purchase of the products. The reason for airtight storage lies in the natural "behavior" of silver. With frequent contact with air, it oxidizes. This process shows itself by a black tarnishing of your Hoop jewelry. But do not panic! With a special silver cleaning cloth, you can quickly make the simple creole shine again.

Also care products like creams, perfumes or cosmetics do your Hoop earrings anything but good. Therefore, make sure to keep them away from the products or clean them carefully after contact with them. If you want to enjoy your minimalist creole for a long time, it's best to keep it away from water as well. So before taking a shower or jumping into the pool, it's better to take off the Hoop jewelry. This is especially true in the case of hoop gold earrings - because: even the highest quality gold plating wears off over time. The good news: with fejn's care tips, this process slows down considerably. What if, despite all the care you take, a defect occurs in your favorite piece of jewelry? fejn has a sustainable solution for that, too: we don't believe in the throwaway mentality of many competitors and believe that every accessory deserves a second chance.

So if your hoop jewelry breaks, our repair service is there for you. To take advantage of our services, you can simply tell us about your repair request, quoting your order and invoice number. We will then get back to you with a repair quote. In the unlikely event that we cannot repair your silver hoops or gold hoop, we will melt them down. In the next step, we turn them into new favorite pieces - sustainable and uncomplicated.