Measuring ring size made easy – with fejn jewelry

Whether it's a leisurely stroll through town or a shopping trip with your best friend: when shopping for jewelry offline, measuring the ring size is usually not absolutely necessary thanks to trying it on. And if nothing should fit: A jeweler can easily determine your ring size when you visit his branch.

When buying hand jewelry online, however, you are on your own. It is important that you know your ring size so that the ring you have chosen fits in the end. We offer our ring models in our standard sizes S, M and L. Selected designs are also available in other sizes. You can find the corresponding size guides directly in the product descriptions of our rings in the fejn online shop.

Who would have thought: In fact, very few know what ring size they actually need. We at fejn want to change that! With our ring sizing tips, you can find out which size is right for you in no time at all.

How to measure your ring size?

We have good news for everyone who is now wondering how to measure their ring diameter: Determining the right ring circumference is basically very simple. There are various methods available to all jewelry fans to determine the correct ring size. We tell you what to look out for.

Method 1: Use a ring tape measure to determine the size

Ring measuring tapes are available online and in jewelry stores and work on the belt principle: the plastic ring with size units is first placed on the finger on which you want to measure the ring size. Now the adjustable plastic ring is adjusted in size until it sits comfortably on the finger. The ring size can then be easily read from the measuring tape.

Method 2: Measure ring size with a ring template

There are numerous ring templates on the web to help determine the correct ring size. Various ring sizes are shown on the template, which serve as a mask for measuring the ring size. In addition to the template, you also need a well-fitting ring. This method only works if you already have a matching ring at home.

The piece of jewelry is then simply placed on the template and compared with the information shown there. Does your ring match one of the statements? Great, you've already determined your ring size.

Method 3: Determine ring size by diameter

The right ring size can also be determined based on the ring diameter. How it works? Just grab a well-fitting ring or hand jewelry from someone you would like to gift and do the following:

  1. Place the ring on a ruler or ruler and measure its diameter.

  2. This value must be multiplied by 3.14. For example, if the measurement was 17 mm and you multiply this value by 3.14, the ring size is 53.

The 3 W's of ring sizing: when, where and how?

But not only the method plays a role in measuring the ring size: there are also other circumstances that you should consider when determining. It is crucial when, where and how you measure your ring size. Because your fingers are not always the same thickness!

As the day progresses or the weather changes, so does your finger size. Fingers are usually thinner in the morning than in the evening. If it's cold outside, the circumference of the fingers also shrinks slightly. Other factors can also affect finger circumference: During pregnancy, for example, fingers tend to swell. The measurement should therefore be taken at different times of the day and shortly before you order your favorite ring.

Also important: not all hands are the same! The ring sizes on the right and left hand may vary. It is therefore best to decide on which hand and which finger you would like to wear it before ordering the ring. Then focus the measurement on the corresponding finger.

The "how" behind the ring size measurement also plays an essential role: If you want to measure your ring size yourself and have taken your finger measurements over and over again throughout the day, first add up all the measurement results. The resulting value is then divided by the number of measurements. Example:

52 + 52.3 + 53 + 52.3 + 53.2
= 262.8 ÷ 5 measurements
= 52.6

Rounded, the result corresponds to ring size 53. The resulting measured value ensures that your new piece of jewelery sits well on your finger at any time of the day.

Measure ring size without noticing

Would you like to secretly measure the ring size because you want to ask your partner the ultimate question or want to surprise a loved one with a ring gift? Then be sure to check out our blog article on the topic of secret ring size measurement. It doesn't matter whether it's a filigree silver ring or a diamond gold ring - we've collected a lot of tips there to help you put your plan into action and find the right ring.